National v. Local Mold Remediation Companies

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We are proud to be a Kansas City, locally owned business!!! We love local businesses!!! They are the lifeblood of our local communities and a significant part of our workforce! We are proud of the fact that we are local! Even though we are local; that doesn’t mean we are not competitive. We significantly beat our national chains in terms of quality, affordability and most importantly your customer experience!  Outstanding customer service is at the top of our companies focus. We are humbled by our 5-star customer ratings since 2008 and our customer experience and satisfaction drive all of our decisions! Let’s take a minute to look at the insider information of the mold and remediation industry to discuss the difference a local company like ours can deliver a superior service to our national competitors. 

The Secret Insurance Dealings

Many times, a homeowner uses the national franchise directed by their insurance agent. The national franchises have clandestine backroom deals with insurance companies, and that’s their only interest. Unlike locally owned business, the national chains are less interested in customer satisfaction. They are working day-in and day-out to learn the ways of increasing their profit while completely ignoring the needs and wants of actual customers because their real clients are the insurance companies, not you! Most homeowners are completely unaware of the fact that you can select your own restoration company. Many times, your insurance agent and company are benefiting directly from the referral. Hence, making your interest low on their priority list. Where all decisions are for what is best for the insurance company and leave you holding the bag of uncovered costs.

Difference in Quality

In addition to poor customer service, many times national franchises provide the worst quality. With no priority for quality due to their size, high turnover, and guaranteed work referrals. Most national companies do not have certified and professional technicians on-site doing the work in your home. 

It is common for us to see job sites where national franchises commonly run professional high-velocity air movers on job sites where mold is present. They do not take into account the current mold presence and that mold spores are easily disturbed. As a result of this, current mold spores become airborne and distributed throughout the entire property. Another common item we see is our national competitors doing mold removal without turning off or sealing off the air system and distribute the mold through the vents

Listen to a story by our top mold expert, Ben Fetzer, about a national franchise carrying molded materials through the customer’s home without proper protection by clicking here.

Outstanding Service

On the contrary, as a local mold remediation business, we must prioritize quality for customer satisfaction and liability reasons. We have no backroom deals with insurance companies and our entire focus is on your best interest. We educate our customers through a smooth and stress-free process and present them the best value by providing superior, quality work. All of our on-site supervisors and lead technicians who guide the customers are certified, trained, and experienced. And last but not least, our services are not only of higher quality but also more cost-effective than national franchises.

If you find yourself in the midst of a mold problem and want someone you can trust give us a call! One of our mold experts is available to answer all of your questions and to schedule a free no-hassle estimate.