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mold lawsuits

Mold Lawsuits

Mold is definitely a problem in some structures, but who to blame for that problem is a touchy subject. Do you blame the owner of the building? The contractors? The real estate developer? That answer is, it depends on who was responsible for taking care… Read More »Mold Lawsuits

commercial mold

The Cost of Commercial Mold

You may be thinking about taking care of your mold problem yourself, and in some cases, this is okay. However, if you have a commercial mold problem, you should consider professional mold removal services. The cost of professional mold removal is much less than the… Read More »The Cost of Commercial Mold

commercial bathroom

Commercial Bathroom Mold

The bathroom in your commercial building can be a safety issue and a liability if it is not maintained properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created plenty of rules about bathroom accessibility for employees (including Americans with Disabilities Act ADA requirements). However, there… Read More »Commercial Bathroom Mold