Mold Removal and Remediation

Toxic Mold Removal Service

We understand that quality of service is important to you! Because of the toxic nature of mold, quality is also important for the health of your family, employees, and customers. We prioritize providing quality black mold removal and mold remediation services with hassle-free customer experience.  We are not a national franchise, nor a major corporate company. We are proud to be a local small business! There is no way to compare the personalized service of a local company like Mold Kansas As a result, we are proud of the history of providing our customers with a 5-star customer experience!

Mold Removal and mold remediation

The Safe & Controlled Approach

Here at Mold Kansas, we prefer to discuss toxic mold removal and remediation in two words: “safe” and “controlled”. If caution and precautions are not exercised in removing mold contamination, damage to the property will be the result.  For example, when undisturbed fungi grow it can give off “mycotoxins” as it sporulates. Even when the mold is dormant it can also produce allergens. Furthermore, mold spores/toxins become airborne when disturbed. When the spores have been inhaled they can begin creating health problems not limited to upper respiratory problems. Our professionals follow a 9-Step Process to ensure quality mold removal.

1. Initial Estimate or Inspection

The initial estimate provides us with vital information to determine the extent of the mold damage. Our mold pros will ask for a detailed property history if available and they may use testing equipment to determine the level of humidity. Our professionals will provide a detailed estimate and a verbal explanation for what needs to occur to obtain a hassle-free resolution.

2. Containment Barrier Setup

The first step to creating a safe environment to remove mold is the use of containment barriers. This enables for safe black mold removal to be completed with no exposure to other parts of your home, office or building.

containment barrier for mold removal

3. Removal of Personal Property

Almost all of our jobs require the handling, cleaning, and discarding of personal property such as porous items like wood, drywall, cardboard, flooring, books, etc. We try to minimize the loss of personal property and the discussion of personal property will be a frequent topic between you, the customer, and the onsite mold professional.

4. Setup of Negative Pressure & Air Scrubbers

We will establish negative air pressure with professional-grade machines. Additionally, air scrubbers will be used to clean the air with a specialized, professional-grade HEPA filtration system. If the job requires lowering the humidity levels, dehumidifiers may be used as well. These machines many times will run throughout the length of the project. 

5. Mold Damage Removal

Our crew will suit up in their EPA required personal protective gear and while it may look like the aliens have landed, we assure you that the use of hazmat gear is needed to ensure the health and safety of our crew. It also keeps our crews clean so they are not spreading mold spores into other parts of your home. Our crew will remove mold damaged materials that are un-salvageable and beyond repair.

black mold removal

6. HEPA, Sanitize & Wipe Clean

We begin a detailed cleaning once all of the mold damaged materials have been removed by first HEPA vacuuming all surfaces of fine debris and dust.This final clean also includes multiple rounds of scrubbing salvageable materials by applying professional-grade antimicrobial products and aggressive cleaning with specialized tools and solutions. This process is to thoroughly remove the presence of existing mold spores on all remaining materials and surfaces.

7. Apply Sealant

We use a specialized, professional-grade antimicrobial sealant because it provides a thick coating that seals all porous materials and it helps to prevent new mold growth in the future.

8. Vent Cleaning

Depending on the size of your mold remediation project, additional air cleaning may be needed. We always recommend cleaning vents thoroughly after an extensive black mold removal and having the inside of your vents sprayed with antimicrobial solutions is a must-have after a mold project. If our mold pros recommend this service, they will include the cost of this service in your estimate.

9. Post Testing & Reconstruction

Depending on the size of your mold project, our mold pros may recommend post-testing the air quality by a 3rd party, not affiliated with our company. This ensures the highest integrity and peace of mind for you, our customer. Once we receive an “all clear” on the post-testing results now the process of reconstruction can begin. If you do not have a favorite general contractor, please speak with our mold pros about the reconstruction of your property.