All About Mold

choosing a mold company

Comparing Mold Services

Unfortunately, a mold company often will utilize certain practices or tactics that are frivolous and costly to the customer. Many independent microbial investigations note the abuse in the mold remediation industry as rampant. We have seen many tactics over the years. So, in this article, we are… Read More »Comparing Mold Services

buying house or selling house with mold real estate transactions

A Real Estate Guide for Mold

No one likes to hear these words, you have a mold problem! Especially when you are in the middle of a real estate transaction! It is a common reality in the real estate market here in the Kansas City metro area where basement problems, humidity and flooding are a frequent… Read More »A Real Estate Guide for Mold

water damage restoration

Water Damage: Now What?!

The water you see is not the only concern as water can wick up walls and elevated humidity levels causing mold risk to building contents like sheetrock, insulation, carpet, padding and more! We encourage you to read our article, “How Does Mold Grow” to understand… Read More »Water Damage: Now What?!

common types of house mold

6 Common Household Molds

There are multiple types of common mold that every adult needs to be aware of. There are hundreds of different types of mold species in our atmosphere. We will address the primary six types of molds that affect households and indoor air quality. Different health problems can occur depending on… Read More »6 Common Household Molds

mold: to test or not to test

Mold: To Test or Not to Test

Most often, mold testing requests come from people wondering if they have a mold problem because there are no visible signs of mold growth, yet they have a gut feeling something is wrong. They may be experiencing things like strange odors, mustiness, frequent illnesses, headaches &… Read More »Mold: To Test or Not to Test

mold testing

Mold Inspection and Testing

When selecting your mold professional, take precautions to ask what type of testing will be done. How many areas will be tested? Will they inspect the entire property?  Many times, price-driven promotions offer a quick 2-3 sample test with a basic lab report. However, they… Read More »Mold Inspection and Testing