All About Mold

Compromised roof = mold risk

Compromised Roof = Mold Risk

Every building must be maintained in order to prevent outside weather from getting into the building. This is why roof maintenance is so important. If your roof is compromised, you have an increased chance of mold. This increased risk comes from compromised roofing material but… Read More »Compromised Roof = Mold Risk

The health costs of mold

The Health Costs of Mold

Thinking about hiring a mold removal specialist to handle a mold problem is probably a worry about how much it will cost. You may consider trying to remove it yourself. If you have respiratory issues, this could be a huge health risk. However, the cost… Read More »The Health Costs of Mold

Attic Insulation and Mold Risk

Attic Insulation and Mold Risk

If you’ve looked at places where mold is likely to occur in your home or commercial building, you’ve probably seen some information about moldy attics. Attics require proper ventilation and moisture control in order to prevent mold. Attic insulation and mold risk is another consideration. … Read More »Attic Insulation and Mold Risk