Check For Mold Before You Move In

Check for mold before move in

Whether you are considering buying a home or looking at potential rentals, it is important to keep mold infestations in mind when touring the property. Mold can damage property, but more importantly, it is hazardous to your health. Even if you are not sensitive to mold, you should check for mold before you move in to any residence. 

5 Ways to Check for Mold Before You Move In

  1. Note Condensation: Check out fogginess or other signs of condensation on windows, mirrors, or other objects. If you find it, there’s a likelihood of mold due to high moisture content and low air circulation. Address this with the landlord or homeowner. It could be something as innocent as an overly wet carpet-cleaning, or there could be some much more serious issues. 
  2. Pay Attention to Odors: If you smell the earthy, pungent smell of mold, investigate potential mold sources. Smell is a primary indicator of moldy environments. However, locating the source of the mold will let you know if it is an issue that can be easily remedied. 
  3. Look for Leaks: Of course, pools of water under sinks or among plumbing are a cause for concern, but these things can be easily fixed. What is more important to identify are water rings on walls or ceilings. Also, beware of fresh paint that could be hiding chronic water problems. 
  4. Check the Roof and Foundation: Look in the attic for water leaks or moisture that could lead to mold problems. Also, check the basement, foundation, or crawlspace for moisture. These hidden moisture traps can create a huge mold issue because they go unchecked for long periods of time. 
  5. Watch for Allergic Response: Lastly, note any signs of respiratory distress or allergic reactions you have while in the home. Mold can infiltrate a home in a manner that is invisible to the layman, but sometimes your body gives you ample warning. 

Once you move into a home, it is much more difficult to handle mold issues. Often, items must be discarded in order to fully correct the situation. That is why it is so important to check for mold before you move in. This allows you the opportunity to correct the problem or choose a different property. You may have to call a mold removal service, but it will be much easier before you move in all of your personal belongings.