We’re Not Just a Mold Company, We’re a Family!

We are more than a mold company, we are a family with a story! In February of 2008, Ben Fetzer officially started Fresh Start Restoration! However, the story began years before growing up in Colorado. Working daily at his family’s dairy farm alongside his parents and three brothers. When asked what it was like growing up on the family farm, Ben gave a crooked smile and a chuckle. He said, “It was hard work! I learned a lot by working alongside my parents every day. I watched them sacrifice, work hard and give it their all to be a part of every detail of our lives. Now that I am older and have my children, I see that it was the best gift they could have given me!” As Ben continued, he described a strong desire to have his own business from the time he was very young. As a result, in 2006 when Ben and his wife, Katie, started their own family his desire only increased. So, he started with what he knew, the cleaning and restoration industry. Through the process, Ben quickly became experienced and certified in mold remediation. First of all, upon entering the remediation industry, he immediately saw the need for integrity and quality. When Ben saw this need, it caused a shift of our focus to become a high-quality mold company. Changing his primary focus to remediation and outsourcing the rest.

When “Quality Matters” is More than a Tag Line

When we look at the moral compromises of the industry, it is obvious that Ben’s value system is a perfect fit. You see, a strong work ethic, high integrity and a drive for excellence, has been the Fetzer way for over three generations. For Ben, it is not just a false promise or a line on his website. It is a part of his very DNA because it is part of his family legacy. He has carried out his family traditions and values throughout every aspect of Fresh Start. We observe that Ben’s greatest success has been to carry out “the farmer’s way” in the midst of modern, small business in a major metropolitan area like Kansas City. So, you won’t see Ben or his business be flashy or full of hype. Sometimes you may even have to strain a little to hear what he says. But in the midst of his calm voice is a person of genuine care and concern for your property and family! Because that is who Ben is and that is “the Fetzer way”! Ben and Katie have three children. Throughout the existence of Fresh Start, the Fetzer’s children have been a central part of the day to day operations. Taking part in small things that mom and dad do for the mold company is the highlight of their day! Making trips to Lowes with Dad is a favorite of the little ones. Sealing thank you cards to customers with mom is always a favorite job. Helping Dad set up trailers is always a fun project for the boys. As they age, their tasks may change, but the commitment to do business the “Fetzer Family Way” stays at the core of everything they do, as they do it together!

Reasons You Can Choose FreshStart Restoration with Confidence:

How Fresh Start Goes Above and Beyond the Norm

Our mold company was born out of a need to provide honesty in a dishonest industry. To provide quality and excellence in the midst of inferior standards. And to provide a customer-focused approach in the midst of a culture where the interest of franchises and big companies are supreme. Finally, mold removal will remain a common need in our Kansas City area. Especially with our high humidity levels, frequent flooding, and ongoing foundation issues. Unfortunately, it far too common in the mold industry to use fear tactics. As a result, we have made educating our customers our top priority. Even more, we understand that discovering mold can be scary and confusing. So our goal is to simplify the process and help answer all of your questions. Our website is full of articles on the various items related to mold and the things you need to know to protect yourself. Feel free to give us a no-pressure call and we would be happy to help!