How to Choose a Mold Company?

How to Choose the Best Mold Company

Choosing the right mold company is an important first step to resolving your mold problems. Knowing what to look for when interviewing and comparing companies can help with the decision process. Here is a list of items we and the National Organization of Remediation and Mold Inspectors recommend to look for in a mold company.

  • Be a certified technician in mold testing by a high-quality certification firm like NORMI
  • Be a certified technician in mold removal or certified technician in water damage restoration by a high-quality certification firm like the ICRAIICRC or NORMI
  • Be licensed and in compliance with the city in which they operate
  • Be fully insured with special environmental coverage in addition to general liability
  • Have at least five (5) good references for your review
  • Follow EPA protocols & use containment barriers for mold removal greater than 30 sq. feet
  • Must use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for safety of workers
  • Must be familiar with Mold-Free Construction practices

Mold Company Certifications and Procedures

At FreshStart Restoration we value certifications and thorough training. Unlike many of our competitors, we require all of our lead technicians to be certified. We won’t fool you with a company-wide certification and inadequately trained staff. In addition, all of our lead technicians are personally trained by the owner prior to coming to your home. While there are currently no government regulations in the United States or in our home states of Missouri and Kansas dictating water damage or mold remediation procedures. There is, however, certifying agencies like the ICRA, NORMI and IICRC that do recommend standards of care. We are certified by all three. Our priority as a mold company is to never use fear tactics that are far too common in the mold industry.

As an industry standard, the EPA has outlined suggested protocols which are also applied here at FreshStart as a leading mold company.  The IICRC’s S500 procedure manual/training is based on reliable restoration principles, research, practical experience, and numerous sources. These include the scientific community, trade associations, disaster restoration industry, chemical formulators, equipment manufacturers, and others with specialized experience. We prioritize our company to provide the greatest quality of service, with the best customer service and at a fair price.