Residential Services

We offer a wide range of residential services in addition to or in conjunction with our mold remediation services. Our goal is to provide our customers with information, peace of mind, and a variety of services to fully satisfy their needs. 

mold inspections

Do You Need Mold Testing?

We believe testing for mold is NOT necessary when there are VISIBLE signs of mold growth. This approach is verified by the EPA. If mold is visible, it should be safely removed and you should handle all visible mold assuming it is toxic. Any other recommendation is a greedy and unnecessary scheme. It is irrelevant to test the type of mold or the spore count when the decision for remediation has already occurred.However, we DO recommend testing in situations where there is not any visible mold, yet there is an odor or the occupants have reoccurring health issues. Also, we advise post-testing after a remediation project has been completed. This ensures that all mold has been properly removed with no spores have become airborne. Verifying that mold counts are within a safe range after remediation is our highest priority and it also confirms the quality of our work. For us, we want to know that mold counts are low and within a safe range before we leave your property. Therefore, we will be performing our own post-tests after every job.

What You Need to Know About Buying or Selling a Property with Mold!

No one likes to hear these words, you have a mold problem, especially when you are in the middle of a real estate transaction! However, it is a common reality in the real estate market here in the Kansas City metro area where basement problems, humidity and flooding are a frequent problem for many property owners. The presence of mold is inevitable in homes and commercial property throughout the metro area, especially fixer-uppers. It’s true that buyers are reluctant in buying a house with mold. Yes, it is another item to work through during your real estate transaction. However, it doesn’t mean that selling a house with mold creates a problem. In fact the solution is simple. Head over to our blog at to read our buyers, sellers, and real estate’s agent guides on dealing with mold.