Professional Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation Services

First of all, we understand that the quality of a commercial building mold remediation is important! Because a hassle-free customer experience is required for you to continue smooth business operations. The lifeblood of any Kansas City business, is the ability to continue serving customers. Operating can continue while addressing the mold remediation your property needs. Therefore, our focus is to prioritize minimal disruption to your business. While at the same time, providing the highest level of commercial and office mold removal solutions. Thereby, creating a safe resolutions for your staff and customers. Because the core of our DNA is excellence. This is our standard. Because it is our family legacy.  As a result, we have a proud of history of providing our customers with a 5-star customer experience!

commercial building mold removal and remediation

The Scope of a Commercial Mold Project

Commercial building mold removal uses similar guidelines and steps in a remediation project that residential property has. However, the primary difference is the scope of cubic feet involved in a commercial project. As a result, the square feet of contaminated materials can be much more significant. However, the vast amount of cubic feet of airspace, that may have been compromised by mold growth, is much more considerable and more complex. Therefore providing and maintaining a clean air environment is vitally important with such large open spaces. Hence, we prevent cross-contamination of mold spores by constructing industrial-grade containment barriers. Clean the air with HEPA scrubbers and maintain negative air throughout the workspace. Also, detailed sanitization of salvageable materials and surfaces is a crucial step your commercial building mold removal project.

6 Types of Properties Commonly Affected by Mold

We see mold removal in all types of properties throughout the Kansas City metro area. Provided is a list of the most common places we find the most significant mold problems. Properties are in order by frequency of issues.

1. Apartments & Rental Properties

Since our company began in 2008, we have been in a lot of apartments. We see a prominence of mold issues in apartment complexes throughout the metro area. Due to the “quick fix” maintenance approach that both apartments and landlords tend to use. These are the environments were we see mold painted over and other measures taken to conceal significant mold problems. Resulting in severe health issues to the occupants.

2. Schools & Government Buildings

We have seen an increase in mold problems in schools in more recent years. Due to schools budget cuts. And the pressure to put money into high demand items like sports. As a result, we have seen an increase in that amount of reported problems with schools and government buildings. Cities within our metro area that have older buildings and tighter budgets tend to have more significant issues. Cities like Independence, Raytown, Grandview, Kansas City, Mission, Shawnee, etc

3. Office Buildings

Office buildings, mold issues, and indoor air quality concerns have become increasingly more common. Businesses are having to address liability issues with employee’s health. Thereby creating a demand for office mold removal and indoor air quality control solutions.

4. Restaurants

Restaurants are not immune to mold problems. What is even more concerning is that many health inspectors are not required to mark mold conditions. Mold on food, mold in the kitchen, or mold in the dining area can cause contamination. Resulting in severe health issues to the employees and patrons. Several years ago, we were called about a significant mold problem at a restaurant on the Plaza. Even though the restaurant had a substantial amount of mold, the manager had no fortitude to resolve it.

Hotels tend to have a similar approach to restaurants and apartments. Also, looking for quick fixes. By not maintaining a priority for good indoor air quality. The assumption is fine restaurants and hotels do not have contamination issues like mold. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

5. Hospitals and Medical Offices

We all assume that hospitals are the most sterile environment in the city. That is the case for operating rooms where lots of attention to detail and environmental conditions are given. We were shocked ourselves to see mold problems in medical facilities. However, after completing several hospitals and medical office mold removal projects, we discovered this is far more common than we could have imagined.

6. Industrial Buildings & Warehouses

Large warehouse and industrial-sized buildings are also not immune to mold conditions. Especially in humid prone areas like the midwest, no building is immune to mold problems. The size of the building does not deter environmental and indoor air quality issues. The need to address them quickly and proactively is important to prevent the problem from growing.