Commercial Building Mold Removal

Experienced Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation

Here at Mold Kansas, we are committed to helping not only homeowners, but businesses as well. Our services extend to commercial and real estate properties and we have the knowledge and experience to help you resolve issues quickly and completely.

commercial building mold removal and remediation

Commercial Mold Removal

First of all, we understand that the quality of a commercial building mold remediation is important! A hassle-free customer experience is required for you to continue smooth business operations and we know that the lifeblood of any Kansas City business is the ability to continue serving customers. Operating can continue while we are addressing the mold remediation your property needs. Our focus is to prioritize minimal disruption to your business while providing the highest level of commercial and office mold removal solutions to create safe resolutions for your staff and customers. Because the core of our DNA is excellence, this is our standard. It is our family legacy!  As a result, we have a proud history of providing our customers with a 5-star customer experience!

Types of Property Affected By Mold

We see mold removal in all types of properties throughout the Kansas City metro area. Provided is a list of the most common places we find the most significant mold problems. Properties are in order by frequency of issues:

  • Apartments & Rental Properties
  • Schools & Government Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses

We are prepared to meet all of your commercial property mold remediation needs. If you have or suspect a mold problem in any of these types of properties, we are ready to help you solve the issue.

Indoor Air Quality

Are you seeing your employees suffer ill-health effects? Repeatedly sick employees always require a review of your company’s employee health, indoor air quality, and safety protocols. Sick Building Syndrome, also known as SBS, includes people who are confined within a particular building for a long time while being exposed to various toxins. Sick building syndrome is becoming more of a common reality because of the demand for indoor, computer-based work. Many medical and indoor-air-quality professionals believe that SBS is from mold toxicity of “unseen mold problems“. Sick building illnesses lead to a stressful and unhealthy working environment for your employees or patrons. Companies incur enormous costs of dealing with the illnesses and resolving the source of the problem. With all of our technological advances, it is easy to overlook a simple thing like indoor air quality. If you suspect an indoor air quality issue in the workplace, call now to speak with a mold pro.