toxic mold removal

The toxic nature of mold requires an emphasis on quality. Quality of services from Mold Kansas cannot be compared with national franchises, nor a major corporate company. There is no way to compare the personalized service and emphasis on quality. As a result, our customers have given us a 5-star customer rating since 2008!


energy efficient insulation

When you reach for the thermostat, do you hesitate by asking yourself, “How high are my energy bills going to get this time?” Many of us would like to make our homes more energy-efficient. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed about where to start. Many times, it’s the simplest and most cost-effective method that is often overlooked.


abrasive media blasting

Mold Kansas offers three types of media blasting. Abrasive blasting is similar to sand-blasting, and it can be used to clean and restore various surfaces. Soda blasting is a common method for extensive mold removal. We continue to expand our tools and services to meet the needs of our customers for quality restoration and cleaning.

Empowering You to Decide

Our industry is full of unethical business practices and fear-driven sales tactics! To ensure our customers are informed and educated, we have developed a blog with in-depth articles, how-to’s, and insider tips. At Mold Kansas, we emphasize customer education by providing you with industry information so that you can make an informed decision that puts YOUR interest as the top priority. Head on over to our blog at to stay in-the-know about how to best protect your home or investment property.

mold removal company local

“Mold Kansas was professional and had great communication. They handled our project promptly and explained their work in layman’s terms. We received several bids for our project, and their quote was great! They explained things and took precautions that other company’s hadn’t mentioned as a concern. They went the extra mile to protect our interest and explain why things needed to be done certain way. They all were considerably more experienced than others we had bid on the project. We are glad we used Mold Kansas and would recommend them to any other businesses.”

— K. Jones from Overland Park, KS

epa mold removal

EPA Guidelines for Mold

The removal of mold can vary greatly from company to company. Also, customers often are trying to determine when a professional needs to be hired. We recommend all customers follow EPA guidelines. These guidelines will help you protect your property, liability and health of your family. Also, it will help you determine if your contractor is following proper guidelines.

local mold remediation

National vs. Local Companies

Even though we are local; that doesn’t mean we are not competitive. We significantly beat our national chains in terms of quality, affordability and most importantly your customer experience! Let’s take a minute to look at the insider information of the mold and remediation industry to discuss the difference a local company like ours vs. national competitors. 

common types of house mold

6 Most Common Mold Types & Causes

Of the hundreds of different types of mold species there are six primary types of molds that affect indoor air quality. Different health problems can occur depending on the type of mold you are exposed to. Understanding these molds and symptoms to look for will help you determine if professional mold removal services are needed.

“Mold Kansas, is exceptional in professionalism, communication skills and work ethic. The manager was on the job with his crew everyday. They were very respectful of our home, leaving things tidy. Ben went over and beyond making sure all aspects of our job were handled properly. He is just a wonderful person who I would recommend every time.”

— J. Turner from Mission Hills, KS