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Mold Removal / Remediation

Mold Removal

Learning the basics about mold removal is a strong beginning to making a clear and educated decision on how to resolve your mold problem. Learn more about the mold removal process, what's involved and what precautionary items need to be considered.

Mold Testing & Reports

mold testing

Mold testing is a great resource for those who are concerned that they may have a mold problem but cannot find any visible signs of mold. Learn about the mold testing process and when it is recommended. To prevent paying for services that are not needed.

Mold Inspections

mold inspections

Mold inspections are recommended for individuals looking for detailed investigation, reporting, and pictures of any mold damage. Inspections are highly recommended for home buyers, especially of properties that have been recently flipped.

What FreshStart Customers Say About Us

“Helped us deal with our tenants who were not pleasant to deal with”

5/5 Stars.

Experiencing mold is not a pleasant situation, it's stressful to deal with and costly to remediate. I am a landlord who recently had the misfortune of this ordeal. The lower level of a duplex had a light coating of mold on the woodwork due to poor circulation of air. It seems the return vents were covered up by large furniture items and the toilet had (unbanned to me) recently leaked enough to soak a good portion of the carpeting. After having the carpet removed, I never experienced this type of mold situation before, so I went looking for help. I had read through many websites and settled on calling FreshStart. The site was informative and the company seemed honest. I met up with Ben from FreshStart. My first impression was young but knowledgeable. Ben showed us ways we could accomplish some of the remediation ourselves, but after some investigation, we determined the job was too big for us to accomplish without professional help. Ben and his team did a great job taking care of our problems. He helped us deal with our tenants who were not pleasant to deal with. I think he went above and beyond in helping us out. I would recommend Bens' services and would use FreshStart again (God forbid I ever need this type of work done again). (Rating 5/5)

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Rick Tano Landlord Google Review / Kansas City / Mold Removal May 5, 2015

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Why Call a Professional Mold Company When I Can Clean Mold Myself?

When it comes to mold removal, mold testing, & mold inspections the need for a professional's experience and training is a vital component to ensure the safety of the occupants and also to ensure that your mold problem doesn't become worse. Some homeowners, maintenance managers, property managers and landlords try to rectify mold by themselves in an attempt to save on costs. In these moments, we like to bring to people's attention a simple reality. There is a reason that mold removal, mold testing, & mold inspection services are a highly certified and insured industry. It's not like painting or mowing the grass, a simple task that anyone can do. Mold removal, mold testing, & mold inspections can all be a very complex process. The costs and liability for completing mold removal incorrectly are vast. For example, we were called out to an apartment complex that had a water damage problem in five joining units six months prior. The maintenance staff noticed small amounts of mold several weeks later. After cleaning the areas with bleach and painting the area with Kilz they thought that the problem was solved. They were unaware of the myth that bleach kills mold. Six months later our company was called out for mold testing due to the occupants of the property having severe respiratory issues. During our mold inspection, we found extensive amounts of mold in all five units. In only six months a mold removal project that would have consisted of a minimal expense of $1,000 to clean the units correctly, was now well over a $8,000 project. This does not include the expense that they incurred for moving five tenants, legal and medical fees associated with the mold. Absolutely, there are times that small amount of mold can be done by D-I-Y methods. These types are easily outlined by the EPA guidelines provided on this site along with steps that you can take to complete yourself. Even before attempting any type of mold removal, mold testing, & mold inspections we recommend that you consult with a professional. The cost of getting information is nothing and readily available on this site. Our mold experts would be happy to discuss your mold concerns and help you to determine the best course of action. Call us if you have any questions!

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