ICRA Certified Contractor

FreshStart is an ICRA Certified Contractor

We are an ICRA Certified Contractor with the International Cleaning & Restoration Association as a certified restoration professional. The ICRA is a non-profit organization of Cleaning, Restoration, and Inspection firms. It is comprised of 5 trade associations, including CRA, MCRA, PACR, NYRCI, and SCRT that have united to streamline administrative organizations and share resources to move the industry forward.

Being certified by ICRA verifies that we are properly trained to handle your restoration problems with professionalism and safety for your entire family. ICRA provides certification based upon written exams (cognitive assessments) in addition to Performance Assessments, as part of their Comprehensive Certification Program. Through the ICRA, NORMI and the IICRC we are certified in a number of trades related to the restoration industry, including but not limited to: mold removal, mold testing, indoor air quality, water damage restoration, carpet & rug repair, carpet/textile/tile/wood floor cleaning and restoration.

Have confidence in your FreshStart mold inspector by knowing that the ICRA requires each certified inspector to provide a detailed history of their certifications and verify the professionalism and legitimacy of each professional. You can be confident that your FreshStart inspector is fully trained and qualified to assess and resolve your restoration needs, all the while focusing on the health and safety of your family.

Choosing the Right Mold Contractor

Contracting services with a mold company is an important decision when it comes to the health and safety of your family and home. Choosing a company that is certified is one of the most important steps in contracting mold removal services. We see many times general contractors taking out mold create a bigger problem that they fixed. By not knowing how to properly handle the mold removal process, they created a bigger problem by releasing of mold spores into the air and thereby causing the mold toxins to circulate throughout the rest of the house.

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