Employee Health: Why Businesses Need to Take Notice

Employee health problems have risen to a great extent, and financial constraints make employers reluctant to compensate for the health issues of their employees. Under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers have become concerned with the rising medical costs and fitting these costs within their budget. Only business owners having less than 50 employees are exempt from the provision of health coverage plan but are still required to acquire health insurance as an incentive for their employees.

How Ignoring Employee Health will Cost Your Business

It is imperative for businesses to take notice of the health problems of employees as these can lead to reduced productivity and will negatively impact the workplace environment. Another major reason for employers to notice employee health is to identify any problems within the organization’s building and mitigating these problems before more employees get sick. For example, ongoing respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue, cramps, and memory issues, can be an indication of poor indoor quality, increased workload, constant stress and bigger threats like bacterial organisms and mold exposure. This is especially evident in industrialized areas where employees continue to breathe in carbon monoxide and other toxins carried in through the air vents from outside. Moreover, people smoking near the fresh-air-intake vents contribute to inhalation of second-hand smoke by the workers inside the building. Printers, fax machines, cleaning products and pesticides used within a building can result in ozone emission and contribute to the health crisis of employees. Unexplained itching may be due to exposure to fibrous glass from the lining of air-duct. Throat irritation and continuous coughing may be due to improper or harsh carpet cleaners.

All of these factors contribute towards a very unhealthy environment and puts your employees at risk. Mold growth can contribute to costly building repairs and can contribute towards business losses because of a negative health impact on customers, employees, and visitors. Unresolved or improperly resolved mold damage also leaves employers open for a civil suit due to the negligence towards the employee as well as the workplace, which can be extremely expensive down the road. Moreover, certified professionals should be brought in to identify the problems with the building and provide timely solutions to prevent future health problems. Businesses should make every effort to take notice of recurring health problems among workers to prevent a deteriorating workforce and a workplace.

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