Mold Testing and Mold Inspections Differences

How to Choose Between Mold Testing and Mold Inspections

Mold testing and mold inspections both offer great information. Every situation has its own unique variables that determine which of these two methods is best. Let’s start with mold testing. It is a process that informs you whether you have a mold problem or not at your home. The testing may also assist in finding a hidden mold identify the indoor air quality and identify the mold species that are present at your home. Some of the main reasons why testing is conducted include; Notice of mold smell or other symptoms, identification of the species of mold and help find where the mod is growing, to test the indoor air quality and also to test if all the mold has been removed from your home.

Qualified and professional mold testers are the most appropriate way to do the testing that guarantees accurate results. Testing can be done through the use of mold test kits whereby the samples can be collected and sent to the laboratory. The laboratory will then send back the results of the test. This is a cheaper way a compared to having an old tester to test your home. However, certain considerations should be made when contemplating this method. First and foremost, mold professionals are experienced and trained to look for mold in uncommon places. In addition, many mold professionals have the necessary tools and equipment to look for mold damage in unseen areas. Mold testing gives you an idea of how much mold particles are in a particular area within a certain time though there is a fluctuation of the amounts of mold from place to place and over different times. There are three types of mold tests with different strengths and weaknesses and this necessitates whoever is doing the testing to employ the three types of tests for proper and accurate results.

In many instances, both mold testing and mold inspections are a good idea. Though is you already see the mold, testing may be unnecessary and a waste of money.  Some people think if they see molds, it should get tested to determine the type of the mold or how toxic it is which is not necessary at all. It is usually irrelevant trying to test what type it is as all you need is to get rid of the mold hence what you need is a proper and qualified mold remediation firm that has the right mold removal equipment to help remove the equipment.

Testing to know the type of the mold is not necessary since once the mold is present irrespective of the color or the species of the mold, the same mold remediation principles will be used in removing the mold from the house. According to the environmental protection agency, if the mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary since there are no federal guidelines that are available for the determination of the number of mold spores that is safe or dangerous.

However, mold testing and mold inspections can be considered when the visible mold is not present but there is the smell of mold and here the test can reveal whether there are increased mold amounts and their exact location. In case there are plumbing leaks and you suspect increased mold in the air testing and inspection can be relevant. You can also test and inspect if there is a health concern and there is a patient with a health issue where one cannot pinpoint the cause of the molds and inspection and testing may help in confirming if the suspicion of the doctor or the patient on the existence of the mold is right. Inspection and testing are can be done for the protection of buyers and sellers and in case there are disputes by the landlord or the tenant.

The mold inspection can also be crucial if you wish to buy a house or an investment property. In case there is a smell of mold and yet it is not visible, inspection becomes a crucial aspect. So that you can decide if and what level of remediation is needed in your house. Inspection is also crucial after remediation has been done and you want to make sure that the process of mold remediation was done perfectly.  In case remediation was not done correctly mold may be in existence even though it may not be visible. Clearance testing of the molds gives an assurance that the remediation company did their job well and that you got value for your money. Mold inspection is, therefore, the best as it helps in a number of ways especially when the mold is not visible.

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