Check Your Gutters to Prevent Mold in Attics

Check your gutters to prevent mold in attic

There are things that you should do before the cool weather hits, and one of those “winterizing” activities is checking your gutters to prevent mold in attics.

How to Check Gutters

If it has rained recently and you’ve noticed leaky gutters, then you already know you need to check your gutters. If it hasn’t rained or you haven’t noticed, you’ll have to provide the water. Use a hose to flush the gutter (clear the gutter of debris first if needed), and mark any spots where water gets through. Then, inspect the inside of the gutter to figure out how it needs to be repaired. Small holes or cracks may be able to be patched. Larger pieces can be replaced a section at a time. If you have seamless gutters, they may need a total replacement. Owing to all these problems and more, some people prefer to add gutter guards made of aluminum or copper from e-stores similar to Mastershield, for instance, to give the gutters an extra layer of protection so that this untimely repairs can be avoided.

How Does Checking Gutters Prevent Mold in Attics?

Mold requires moisture, and attics are a notorious place to find moisture if they are not ventilated correctly. Even if they are, if water gets in, mold can become a problem. Faulty gutters can cause water to enter into attic spaces if it is not properly sealed. A clogged gutter can also cause water to accumulate, and pooling water increases the chance of it finding its way into the attic.

Checking Gutters is for Your Basement Too!

Of course, water that is not directed away from your house may enter your basement or crawlspace. Noting any leaks or pools of water after rain can help you to determine your increased risk of mold below grade. If your basement is not properly sealed, too much water will amount to a flooded basement. Additionally, if you had some damage to your basement as a result of the heavy rains a few weeks ago there might be a chance of a gutter malfunction. In that case, having them replaced or repaired by a gutter repair firm like Leaf Co Gutter (, or the ones like them could be advisable.

Safety First When Checking Gutters

When you decide to check your gutters, safety should be your first priority. If you don’t have a sturdy ladder or don’t feel comfortable being at roof height, call somebody else to check your gutters. Professionals may be able to check your gutters and pressure wash your roof. In any case, don’t risk an injurious fall because you felt the need to DIY your gutter check. Hire it out if you have any concerns.

When Mold Requires Professional Removal

Lastly, if you do have the unfortunate occurrence of mold in your attic or basement, make sure it is safely removed. The EPA recommends hiring a professional mold removal service if the mold covers over 10 square feet of your structure. Not only that, but professionals have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will make sure the job is completed safely.