Clutter Creates Mold Issues
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When people think of mold, they often think of floods or water damage as the root cause of destruction. Often, the real problem is simple clutter. You don’t have to be a hoarder to have mold caused by clutter. The mold issue stems from the location of the clutter and how much clutter there is. 

Less Air Circulation with Clutter

One of the first reasons that clutter can cause mold growth is that it prevents air circulation. You may have fans in the home, or you may have a proper central air unit. Either way, if there are mounds of clutter blocking air vents or any other vital part of the HVAC system, there’s going to be air blockage. 

One of the best environments for mold growth is one that does not have proper ventilation. This is why the vents in attics and crawl spaces are so important. If you cannot get airflow to an area of the home, it is more likely to harbor mold. 

Clutter Condensation 

Another thing that clutter can do is collect moisture. This is especially true depending on where the clutter is located. If it is on a cement floor, the items placed on the floor will sap moisture from the cement. If it is on carpet, you can also have a moisture problem. What happens is that items that prevent circulation also collect condensation. Moisture combined with stagnancy is the perfect recipe for mold growth. 

Food for Mold Lies in Clutter

The last thing that mold really needs to thrive is a food source. This doesn’t mean that your clutter is made out of Cheetos or Stale Bread. Practically any natural item can be a food source. This is why mold removal often involves the removal of carpet and drywall. The mold infests it because it is a good food source. Your clutter is likely to contain something that appeals to it as well. 

Clutter Can Cause Mold

You may think that your clutter is a harmless pile of work meant for a different day, but it can have negative consequences that severely outweigh its messy qualities. For people who are immuno-compromised, mold can be deadly. For many others, it can create respiratory issues. The best thing to do is to remove your clutter and clean messy areas of property, so mold is less likely to take residence. Mold likes stagnancy, moisture, and food, and clutter provides all three. All it takes is a little motivation, and you can remove your mold risk.

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