Moldy Sidewalks May Be a Hazard Indoors

moldy sidewalks may be a hazard indoors

Mold lives almost everywhere, which is why it is important to regularly check your home to see if you have an infestation. The cleanest of homes can welcome mold growth by providing moisture, warmth, and stagnancy. This is because mold spores can be tracked in on your feet! It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of mold in any  home. Understanding risks is the best way to prevent it. This is why it is important to know that moldy sidewalks may be a hazard indoors!

How Does a Sidewalk Get Moldy? 

Mold, mildew, and moss are commonly found on concrete surfaces that are shaded from the sunlight and therefore moist. Just about any type of mold can feasibly grow on a sidewalk, even toxic black mold. All mold needs to grow is to be left alone to grow in sustainable conditions. Then, you have a problem. 

How to Rid a Sidewalk of Mold

The problem with mold on a sidewalk is that you cannot simply rinse it away. You may be able to scrub the slime from your path, but mold spores will remain. Spraying the mold off with a power washer will be more effective. The only way to make sure it does not continue to grow is to then apply a mold retardant or clean the sidewalk with bleach. You have to kill mold or inhibit its growth to prevent recurrences. You cannot simply remove it from sight. It will always come back when the conditions are right. 

How is a Moldy Sidewalk a Hazard Indoors? 

A moldy sidewalk is a hazard indoors because you walk on sidewalks, and you generally walk to get indoors. This means more mold spores are going to travel in on your shoes if the last place you stepped was on the moldy sidewalk. Not only that, but sidewalks are generally close to structures, which means the mold can spread to the exterior of your home. This may require a professional mold removal service to treat your home, so no structural damage occurs. Mold is everywhere, but it is a big problem if you let it rest comfortably around your home. 

Regular Maintenance Helps Prevent Mold

If you have a sidewalk on the shady side of your house, this doesn’t mean you have to have mold problems. It simply means you need to regularly maintain your sidewalk. Leaving leaves or debris on the walk for extended periods of time provides a ripe breeding ground for mold. Keep sidewalks clean and clear, and you reduce your risk. If you do find a mold problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional for a complete and safe removal of your home’s mold hazard.