Why a Certified Mold Professional is Needed

certified professional mold services

certified professional mold services

Certified Individuals vs. Certified Company

Contracting services with a mold company is an important decision. Especially when it comes to the health and safety of your family and employees. Because choosing a professional mold company that is certified and experienced is the most important step in your mold project. We often see general contractors and other vendors take out mold without following EPA guidelines. Thereby, creating a much bigger problem than they have tried to fix. Because releasing mold spores into the air without proper containment barriers, negative pressure, hazmat suits & professional procedures. Which can result in mold toxins that circulate throughout the rest of the house.

Solutions by Experienced, Certified Professional Mold Remediators

First of all, it is important to do research on a mold company before hiring one. Because just knowing that a company is certified and a professional mold contractor is not enough. Unfortunately, it’s far too common to see mold companies not doing the basics well. We see lots of shortcut practices in the industry.

  • One of the most common practices we see is a lack of certified personnel. Yes, the company itself is certified. However, the project manager or technicians that are doing your mold job oftentimes are not.
  • Poor attention to detail. Because often the standard of quality is low and the primary motivation is to finish the job quickly. Thereby, making the primary focus quick profit vs. the health and safety of your family and employees. Often companies skimp on quality. Then layer on sealer on the end to give the job a good looking finish. However, air quality is not a priority. Foregoing the focus to detail and attention it needed.

Certified Professional Mold Inspector – NORMI

At Fresh Start, we have taken abnormally high measures. Also, to ensure that the training and certification of our supervisors and technicians are superior. We have been certified as a NORMI Certified Mold Inspector. First of all, NORMI (The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) is a non-profit organization and serves as a training & certification firm for mold testing, mold removal, and indoor air quality.  

NORMI has dedicated itself to a sole proposition. That the absence of ANY indoor contaminant is the true definition of “clean air”. Which include particulates, odors, VOCs, or biologicals. NORMI is one of the fastest-growing certifying agencies in the country. By providing high-quality training for mold and indoor environmental professionals since 2004. Having trained thousands of construction professionals through the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. NORMI provides professional consultation to states who are starting to make mold removal and testing regulated. As an approved training provider. For the EPA and multiple states. NORMI continues to add to its long lists of accomplishments adding more credibility to its membership.

As a certified NORMI Certified Mold Inspector, it gives our technicians the ability to take the corrective steps. Toward solving indoor air quality issues beginning with the inspection, evaluation, and assessment process. First of all, the problem has to be correctly assessed. Also, by writing an understandable and easy to follow protocol. For the sanitization or remediation of the problem based on legitimate and accurate Lab Testing. Have confidence in your Fresh Start mold inspector. Because knowing that NORMI requires each certified inspector to follow their strict CODE of ETHICS. To assess your indoor air quality issues and resolve them thoroughly for the health of you and your family.

Certified Master Remediator – ICRA

Furthermore, we are an ICRA Certified Contractor with the International Cleaning & Restoration Association as a certified restoration professional. The ICRA is a non-profit organization of Cleaning, Restoration, and Inspection firms. Comprised of 5 trade associations. Including CRA, MCRA, PACR, NYRCI, and SCRT. That have united to streamline administrative organizations and share resources to move the industry forward.

Because being certified by the ICRA verifies we are properly trained. To handle your restoration problems with professionalism and safety for your entire family. ICRA provides certification based upon written exams (cognitive assessments). Also, Performance Assessments, as part of their Comprehensive Certification Program. Through the ICRA, NORMI and the IICRC, we are certified in a number of trades related to the restoration industry. Including but not limited to mold removal & testing, indoor air quality, water damage, carpet & rug repair, floor cleaning, and restoration.

Therefore, have confidence in your Fresh Start mold inspector. By knowing that the ICRA requires each certified inspector to provide a detailed history of their certifications. And verify the professionalism and legitimacy of each professional. 

Certified Water Restorer & Cleaning Technician – IICRC

Finally, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) is a non-profit organization that certifies restoration professionals and creates standard-setting practices for the industry.  So, the IICRC certified water restorer continuing education program seeks to encourage all certified registrants. To actively participate in the restoration community through conventions, workshops and specialized training with continuing education. By sharing knowledge with others in the industry. 

IICRC is an ANSI-accredited organization.  Because the IICRC has led the way in establishing restoration industry service standards. Including reference guides for professional water damage restoration and mold remediation. Many of these fields change rapidly. Those who are certified with the IICRC have the advantage. By being able to keep up with the IICRC requirement for continued education.  

One of the courses that Fresh Start has received certification in, is the Applied Microbial Remediation course. This course covers mold and sewage remediation techniques. To provide adequately equipped remediation services while protecting the health and safety of workers and occupants. Another course that FreshStart has received certification in, is the Water Damage Restoration course.  Because this course will give the training to understand. Also, the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backups, and groundwater flooding.