Air Duct Cleaning: How to Breathe Easier

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How Air Duct Cleaning Makes Breathing Easier

Air duct cleaning is a high priority for ALL our jobs! Clean air is an essential requirement for all human beings. That’s the reason why we have proper venting systems to allow air in and out of buildings and homes. However, many times we don’t even consider that our vents need cleaning. The air circulates throughout our indoor space. It can significantly affect the health of anyone breathing the air, but especially for those that have weakened immune systems. Most often we see people that are dealing with chronic illnesses. Like autoimmune diseases and more severe conditions such as HIV, emphysema, Multiple Sclerosis. Pollution of air inside our homes is inevitable from bacteria, tobacco smoke, dust particles, construction debris, humidity, and pet dander. Dirty ventilation systems are connected in a massive way to health problems..

For individuals with breathing problems such as asthma and allergies, cleaning of ventilation systems is a vital necessity. Dust particles always cling on to the vents. Instead of circulating clean air in and polluted air out. Consequently, this hardens breathing especially for people living with asthma which may lead to health expenses.

Health is the most important aspect that all human beings aspire. When vents are uncleaned, our homes become stuffy and may eventually develop mold on the vents. With regards to health, the air may lead to nasal stuffiness, coughing, throat irritation. Also may affect the skin as well especially to individuals with mold allergies. Some homeowners have no idea of the cause of the infections. While they paid less attention to the vents in their rooms. These effects demand individuals to seek medical attention thus the more reason to clean the vents for proper air circulation.

Air Duct Cleaning Methods We Recommend

There are always several different types of options for air duct cleaning. It is essential to choose a quality method. Because stirring up the debris in the air vents can make the air quality worse. Here are the three most common methods of duct cleaning:

Air Pressure Method

The low price companies usually only provide vent cleaning that includes blowing the lines with pressured air. Then shop vac debris, but just as far as the vac hose can reach. The problem with this method is that it stirs the trash but is not properly removed.

Brush Method

The brush method is better than pressured air in that is stirs more debris for removal. Normally, the debris extraction is done by a higher power vacuumed line. This is better than the pressured air method. The downside to this process is that there is no negative pressure put on the duct line. So debris can easily escape through vents. Hence, the cleaning quality is not as thorough due to the lack of negative pressure.

Negative air is when there is a vacuum/filter extraction at the base of the duct lines. Close to the HVAC system’s air handler. They hook a large, strong vacuum line at the main housing. This creates negative pressure on the entire run of the air duct line. Then as they clean they start from the vents pushing debris to the base to be extracted. This process correctly removes the debris without risking escape into the home’s air. Due to the increased power of the negative pressure, the quality of the cleaning is the best cleaning quality available!

Improving Efficiency with Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning air vents, however, it’s not all about health matters. Also about making homeowners more comfortable in their houses/office. Clogged vents make the rooms have a very high temperature or corresponding low temperatures due to insufficient airflow. When clean, the difference is highly noticeable. Properly cleaned vents improve the flow of air and regulate the house. Rather making breathing more comfortable. By increasing lung health by minimizing medical conditions that would be as a result of uncleaned vents.

Having a clean ventilation system also reduces the cost of an air conditioner. Because less energy will be used by the machines to regulate temperatures as they should. With fewer particles and already clean flow of air from the vents, the HVAC systems have minimal chances of breaking down and thus experiencing fewer costs in maintenance.