Professional Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation Services

Commercial mold removal and remediation is unique and challenging. One of the primary reasons is a simple fact that the contaminated space is normally being used in daily business operations. The lifeblood of any business is the ability to continue serving customers, manufacturing, and functioning without disruption. We understand your need for commercial mold removal and remediation services at odd hours and in a timely fashion. Our focus is to first prioritize minimal disruption to normal business operations. While at the same time, maintaining the highest level of safety to your staff and customers. Staying open and operational also has to be balanced with necessary steps to preserve and salvage valuable inventory and equipment.

The Scope of the Mold Project

commercial mold project Commercial mold removal and remediation has similar guidelines and steps of remediation as residential mold removal does. The primary difference is the scope of cubic feet involved in a commercial project. The square feet of contaminated materials can be much larger. However, the vast amount of cubic feet of airspace that may have been compromised by mold growth is much larger than residential remediation projects. Providing and maintaining a clean air environment is vitally important with such large open spaces. We prevent cross contamination of mold contamination by constructing industrial grade containment barriers, clean the air with HEPA air scrubbers and maintain negative air throughout the workspace. Detailed sanitization of salvageable materials and surfaces is a very important step in the commercial mold removal and remediation project.

A FreshStart Story: Retail Store

commercial mold remediationNot long ago we were contracted to perform a mold remediation project in a retail clothing store located in the Independence Mall. There had been substantial water damage in the back storage room and there was quite a bit of visible mold on the drywall. We discovered that one of the local franchise restoration companies had extracted the water. During their project, they had set up fans and dehumidifiers for drying. In most cases, this would have been a good idea. However, with the exposed visible mold and dozens of racks filled with new clothing and inventory, this was the wrong thing to do. By using forced air, they disturbed the mold spores and caused mold contamination to spread not only throughout the entire airspace but also onto all of their inventory. Containing off tens of thousands of square feet of inventory and keeping the store open during remediation is a tall order for sure. However, NOT exposing all of this inventory to potential toxic mold spores is worth the short-term inconvenience and even short-term loss of revenue. At FreshStart we understand the difficulties and complexities of commercial mold removal and remediation projects. We are ready and able to help get your business back on track with award-winning customer service! In addition, protect your business interest with our exclusive 10-year mold-free warranty. Call and speak with one of our mold professionals today for a free estimate.

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