Air Sealing: Making Attic Insulation Better
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How to Improve Attic Insulation with Air Sealing

Here is a short video from Ben to discuss the benefits of air sealing in an attic space. Taking the time to air seal in addition to adding attic insulation can greatly improve the efficiency of your home.

Posted by Ben Fetzer on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Video Transcription of Air Sealing: Making Attic Insulation Better

Everybody Ben Fetzer again with Fresh Start Restoration. Going to do another video. We’re doing some installation up in an attic. I’m, as we speak as well. Got a crew in here and we’re going to be doing is loose fiberglass insulation. First, we’re going to be air sealing. So I’ll show you an example of what I mean. I’m not sure how well you can make that out of the insulation.

Expandable foam insulation that is sealing off all the walls, the very top of the wall. So air cannot go down from the attic space into the living space. And start to exchange with the living space. That’s done through like electrical outlets. Whether it’s a socket on the wall or switch. Anytime you drill a hole through that top of the two by four and you run wires down it. That’s where the air is going to be able to actually transfer from the attic space into the living space. So we’re eliminating that possibility or air ceiling with this expandable foam insulation. See if I can get a better shot. There’s a better shot of it.

You can see that’s all been sealed off and sorry for the drop anyway. So air sealing is important. That seals everything up, really enhances your R-value up here, but a really stops the airflow. So you’re not losing heat, you know. Losing air from down below. And you’re really keeping the dust in the attic and not letting it get into your house. You can see the HVAC trunk here. That’s all new and it’s been put down into a lower section down that roofline. I’m done a lot at this house. Whole attic space by the end of the day will be full of blown-in insulation. And going to be air sealed as well. Like you can see, there was no insulation in his attic when we started. The contractor that did the renovation, didn’t even put any insulation in here.

Antimicrobial Coating

So we’re gonna have 100 percent improvement on our r-value and their utility bills are going to go way down. Uh, so any way you can see the sheen or the shiny appearance of the wood. That’s from the antimicrobial coating that we have applied. We will also be putting a power, a fan up in the roof vent. That’s going to allow the air to be pumped out. Because there are no soffits on this section of the attic. So we’ve got to somehow be able to get the air out of this attic. Because we can’t really bring it in.

Attic Ventilation

And so we’re going to install this power fan on the roof, uh, at about 120 degrees. It’s going to kick on and suck the air out of this attic. Keep it from a getting super hot. And then be getting stagnant where we can have humidity buildup. Then mold starts to grow on the roof decking, etc. So anyway, a little snapshot of the real world. Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration and And fun stuff. You have a good day.

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