Reduce Lawsuit Risk by Hiring Mold Pros


Professional mold removal is necessary, especially if there is a risk of a lawsuit. Mold spores can be found just about anywhere. They can enter a building on the shoes or clothing of a person and spread no matter what precautions you take. It’s life, and it’s moldy. However, mold isn’t a problem unless it has a proper growing environment. The perfect environment is warm, moist, and stagnate. You can prevent mold with a simple mantra…Control moisture. Control mold.

For business owners and landlords, moisture control is a must in order to avoid costly lawsuits. Settlements have been awarded to employees who suffered chronic ailments from mold exposure. Also, companies have been sued by employees who witnessed mold warnings being ignored. Millions of dollars were awarded to a couple by a construction company that didn’t store their lumber correctly, and black mold infiltrated their newly-built home. The settlement was not unfair. The couple’s son became severely brain-damaged because of the exposure.

The point is…

  • Mold lawsuits can cost companies a lot of money.
  • Mold exposure causes real damages to real people.

Control the Moisture to Reduce the Lawsuit Risk

Controlling moisture is not as easy as it sounds even if you are an attentive business owner. A shingle may lift on a rental and let water in. Moisture may have entered the crawlspace of a building during some sort of installation or repair, and the area has not been entered since.

You cannot possibly imagine every point of entry for mold, but you can be attentive and avoid exposing employees and tenants to dangerous black mold. More importantly, if you discover black mold or have black mold reported to you, respond quickly and thoroughly.

Why You Should Hire a Mold Pro

It is not recommended that you take care of the problem yourself, but hire a professional mold removal company. It may be possible to remove black mold from a building with bleach and the removal of contaminated material. Professionals will be able to do a much better job. They will recognize materials mold prefers and remove it completely.

Hiring a professional mold company to detect and remove mold is the best way to protect the people who depend on you and to protect your wallet in case of a lawsuit. They can make sure you aren’t exposing people to danger, but the receipt for their work will help protect you in case of a lawsuit.

Especially when tenants are the victim, it may be their own neglect that causes black mold to get into the home. You can prove your due diligence by hiring professionals to minimize black mold risk.