How our Mold Company Started

Since 2008 FreshStart Restoration has been serving the Kansas City metro area. Our mold company started as a result of years in the maintenance and real estate industries. We saw a history of restoration companies putting the interest of the insurance companies and their own corporations above the interest of the customer and property owner. Big business is no longer about protecting and serving the customer. It's about preserving their own. At FreshStart we have a different motto. Our mold company was born as a result of our commitment to serve customers with excellence with a driving force to protect their interests. At FreshStart we believe in a hands-on approach, with the goal of providing an outstanding customer experience at a fair price!

In just a short amount of time, our mold company began to grow. The greatest need of our customers became apparent. We found a continual need for a mold removal and remediation services. We were shocked! The demand far exceeded our other restoration services. Mold removal is a common need in the Kansas City area due to our high humidity levels and frequent foundation issues. It's common for a mold company to use fear tactics to try to scare you into making rash decisions. Unfortunately, this manipulation has become the norm in the mold industry. We have witnessed these fear tactics first hand and it has caused us great concern. As a result, at FreshStart our primary focus has been to educate our customers. Providing information and tools so each customer can make informed decisions without any pressure or manipulation is our number one priority.  We understand that discovering mold can be scary and the resolution confusing. At FreshStart we are here to simplify the process and remove the worry about choosing a mold company. Our website is full of articles on the various items related to mold and the things you need to know to protect yourself. We recommend every customer checks our "tips articles" for an understanding of basic information needed prior to making a decision on a mold company.

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