Differences in Mold Remediation Companies


Peek Inside the Mold Industry’s Secrets: All Mold Companies Are Not Created Equal

In comparing mold remediation companies you must consider factors beyond price or the name of the company. Watch the video above to listen to the inside industry information from the local trusted mold expert, Ben Fetzer. We no longer live in a word where a man’s handshake is his bond nor do we live in a world where hiring a “professional company” means you are guaranteed a “professional job”. The mold industry, in particular, is full of unethical sales practices that lead with fear and claim to be the expert, all while putting your family’s health at risk. Far too common we see mold remediation companies, especially national franchises, performing mold remediation jobs without following the EPA and IICRC Guidelines for removal. For example. it is common for mold removal companies to remove molded drywall and materials and dispose directly into a dumpster without bagging materials first. Now, this may seem like a normal procedure, however, you need to remember that mold easily becomes airborne when disturbed. If a mold company is removing molded materials out of your home without first bagging the contents they are spreading mold spores throughout your home on their way to the dumpster. This is a basic procedure outline for proper mold removal, but due to the labor intensive nature of breaking down and bagging molded drywall and materials, far too common, we see mold companies skip this important step. All the while, you as the customer believe you are getting a “professional mold removal job” while they are spreading mold spores throughout your home. Don’t risk your families health, choose a mold remediation company that is known for their integrity and following the proper mold removal procedures.

About The Mold Expert – Ben Fetzer

Ben Fetzer with FreshStart Restoration Mold Remediation CompanyBen Fetzer, is the founder and owner of FreshStart Restoration of Kansas City. He is passionate about informing and educating you the customer. By providing you with insider industry information, he empowers you with knowledge and tools to properly compare companies and spot unethical sales practices. Which unfortunately is far too common in the mold remediation industry. In this video, he will share stories, tips, and insider industry information to help you make the right decision for your mold problem! Ben is an experienced mold expert with over 13 years in the industry! He has received official training and certifications from the IICRC, ICRA, and NORMI for mold removal, mold testing, mold inspections, indoor air quality, and water damage restoration. His history of high integrity and honesty has made him a leader in the mold remediation industry with award-winning customer service! Providing customers an outstanding customer experience has produced a consistent history of 5-Star customer ratings since the company began in 2008!

Video Transcript for Differences in Mold Remediation Companies:

Good afternoon Kansas City! I’ve got another video this is like the second part of my first video regarding lowballers. I want to tell a quick story about an experience I had with a competitor years ago and it’s basically this I kind of have a secret to tell about my industry Or about fellow older mediation professionals. 

Not all of them will use what we call protective barriers or containment chambers when they do remediation. So remediation simply means remove. So you hear that term you know no it means more mediation just means mold removal. So if I use that term sort of confusing when it doesn’t use it on a daily basis. 

Anyhow, to tell you a quick story. I was out at a property many years ago. Early on in my remediation career and I had been contacted by an insurance agent. Who said, “Can you hear me out to this property? I want to check it out with you.” And so I did. And we showed up. The homeowner had actually gone out on her own and hired a remediation company. She had a sewer backup in her basement. And it happened long enough that there was a lot of mold as a result. So we show up. It’s kind of awkward because I see any competitors man there. There’s a big dumpster in the driveway. And there’s a crew of three or four people and they’re carrying out loads of personal content that is contaminated books like it’s you name it. Everything that people have in their basements they were carrying out to just thrown in the dumpster. There was no containment. They were coming up the steps with a handful of molded drywall, the personal content. And they’re going right through the kitchen area and the living room area on their way to the garage and then finally to the dumpster with no containment whatsoever. I go to the basement. They have a negative air machine running stirring up the air. But it isn’t exhausted out of the window. Creating any form of negative pressure so the air is going up, down, swirling, in the HVAC system it’s going everywhere. There’s no control of the air whatsoever. I walk around to see what’s going on. They’re pulling drywall and they’re doing stuff. None of them have a suit on. None of them have respirators. This is a professional mold company!!! It’s not just a group of contractors or a demo crew that’s just gutting a basement. where there happens to be a little bit of mold. This is somebody that is marketing themselves as a mold remediation pro. So I leave.

The homeowners actually comfortable that I was there. But I was only there at the request of the insurance adjuster. So it was an awkward situation but I walked away from it. Definitely surprised at how unprofessional this industry can be. And if you’re the homeowner, I want you to have a little bit of information in here. So that you can use, as you make the choices that you’re going to have to make when you hire a mold professional to decontaminate your property. This is your home, one of the greatest assets not the greatest asset that you own. So protecting that investment is a big deal financially. So, hopefully, anyone who is doing this service or needs it done to their house is thinking about that aspect, not just how much does it cost today and this month. But what is the investment I’m making today? And this month. That’s going to ultimately affect this large investment that I’ve invested in called my house or my home.

Anyway. If you have any questions about mold remediation I’m going to try to do more videos on a regular basis. But. Just check us out. I would be glad to answer questions or explain any of our processes or any of the other things that go on in mold mediation. As far as how it applies to you and your situation and I want to be a resource to you the homeowner and the consumer that needs this done. So please call us or get on our website moldkansascity.com. Again moldkansascity.com. Check out our web site. Lots of information that you can use from our web site. And they have a link where you can get a hold of us by phone. So thanks again have a great day. I know this helps.