Does Insurance Cover Mold?

As an insurance approved mold professional one of the first questions we hear from customers, “does insurance cover mold?” Well, it depends. Every policy and every insurance company are different. It has become more common over recent years for insurance companies to omit certain coverage like mold removal and basement leaks. Some insurance companies now require additional coverage for basements or water damage. The first place to start is with your insurance agent. They need to verify that you have the proper coverage for your home and risks. It is the industry standard for insurance cover mold damage not to be included from foundation issues. As a rule of thumb, it never hurts to ask. So we recommend you contacting your insurance company to ask if your insurance policy includes mold coverage. You can expect an adjuster to come out rather quickly. So we recommend making yourself aware of a few points to protect your interests:

How to Find Out if Your Insurance Cover Mold?

  • Review your policy before contacting your insurance agent
  • Complete as much communication in writing as possible. We recommend email and even text messages with both your agent and claims adjuster. If your claim is approved, request a written statement of approval prior to commencing work.
  • Take pictures of damage prior to any contractors beginning work.
  • Choose your own contractor! Often insurance companies recommend their own contractors. You need to be aware that they often have back-end deals and receive kickbacks from the contractors. Putting their own interests ahead of yours. You need to insist on using a contractor that YOU feel comfortable with. It is common for large, national companies and franchises to use shortcuts to keep their costs down and reduced billing charges to insurance. These practices can result in possible long-term affects to your property.
  • Request in writing a list of everything that is and is not covered.
  • Make sure you receive all paperwork and detailed billing statements from the contractor.
  • Meet with 3 remediaiton contractors. Make sure to pay attention to their customer service, professional, knowledge and experience. Anyone can give a smooth sales talk. Ask difficult questions to see if they have actual hands-on knowledge of the industry and how to best protect your home.

If you choose FreshStart to be your contractor, we ensure that we make it as easy as possible. We can submit all documents directly to your insurance company. Helping to minimize all of the tedious paperwork!  You can be as involved as you would like throughout the entire process.  We are experienced with filing insurance claims with many companies. Our company uses an industry standard estimating program to calculate costs based upon insurance rates for a smoother claim.

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