Dangers of Black Mold Exposure

Dangers of Black Mold Exposure & Removal

In the world of most contractor’s Unfortunately, the dangers of black mold exposure and improper removal are rarely considered. For someone who does not understand the volatile airborne properties of mold, it appears that mold removal is not a big deal and anyone can remove it. Most people’s natural approach is to respond to the dangers of the black mold by removing it quickly, thinking that they have solved the problem.  What most people don’t realize is often times this method of improper mold removal only makes the situation worse.  Our greatest caution with homeowners and maintenance staff is NOT to do a knee jerk reaction and start pulling it out.  As the video below explains that one small mold removal area in a bathroom done incorrectly caused major illness and damage to the property months and years later.

Due to the dangers of black mold exposure, removal must be done with only one approach. With an emphasis on safety and with the help of a professional.   If caution and precautions are not exercised spreading the contamination will be the end result. Mold spores are very small and become airborne at the smallest disturbance.  That is why mold removal is done with similar protocols to asbestos removal and great care should be taken.

So, what is the common homeowner supposed to do when you find mold? Call a mold professional for an estimate and professional assessment. Remember, that many times mold grows in unseen areas like behind drywall, baseboards, and cabinets and is not always recognizable with an untrained eye.

When to Call a Mold Professional

Black mold is often considered likely if a strong odor is present. Black mold is a very serious type of mold and should be taken seriously and with great care. If you are in doubt with what type of mold that you are dealing with; don’t hesitate to call to discuss with our mold professionals on the steps that they recommend.


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