Are Mold Tests Scams? Not if you need one…

mold tests

Every property owner and resident fears mold in their residence or building. It can cause property and health damage. Yet, mold tests have been given a bad rap because of scammers. You don’t need a mold test, for example, if you can visibly see mold growing. There is no question that there is a mold problem. You don’t need to randomly test for mold when nobody is having any symptoms of mold presence, and you don’t see any mold. Really, there are two basic reasons to get a mold test:

2 Reasons to Get a Mold Test

1. Health Outcomes:

It is generally accepted that the presence of mold leads to health problems. Most of these problems are respiratory, but it is not clear if it is the actual mold or co-existing variables that lead to poor health outcomes. Either way, if you are experiencing possible harmful effects of mold exposure, you should get a test.

2. Previous Remediation:

Additionally, a building should be tested or re-tested after mold remediation has been performed. Just because it does not look like there’s mold anymore doesn’t mean it’s not lurking under the floor or within walls. This should be done before the building is once again occupied but after air-cleaning equipment has been removed. Logically, it is best done before the building is unsealed. It can be done too quickly, and it is recommended that post-remediation testing be done at least 24 hours after all air cleaners have been removed, so there has been “still” air for that long.

How is mold testing performed?

Mold testing is not the same as mold inspection, and if you suspect mold, an inspection may be the better option because it is a thorough search for moisture and then mold throughout the home. A mold test is more of a sample of the air in different areas of the home. Make sure you find out how many samples are going to be taken before you agree to any pricing. One sample will not be representative of an entire building unless the infiltration is pretty bad.

Once you know your results, consider hiring a professional to ensure mold is removed safely and thoroughly. This will also ensure that the post-remediation testing is done correctly and in the right locations.

If you see black mold, you may be tempted to wipe it up and forget about it. Even if you use the right cleaning materials, visible mold is typically indicative of a greater problem. Make sure you know your problem is solved by hiring a professional mold remediation service.