Realtors Tip: How to Catch Mold Before Inspection
March 30, 2018 Comments Off on Realtors Tip: How to Catch Mold Before Inspection Mold Testing, Real Estate Ben Fetzer

A Message to Realtors: How to Catch Mold BEFORE the Home Inspection Kills Your Deal

Every realtor knows that mold is a real-time problem when it is found during a home inspection. With some simple steps, you can save your deal before the home inspection report ever comes back. The question is how can you save the deal before the mold os even found? There are different steps that you can follow. To apply in homes you are listing to catch and eliminate mold before the home inspection even occurs. Many buyers get afraid of mold. However, it’s best to address the problem by a certified mold professional prior to listing your properties. It will help eliminate the price haggling and deals getting killed due to buyer’s cold feet. In this article, we will address some of the most common questions we receive about mold and selling of property.

Should a Mold Inspection or Testing Be Done Prior to Listing the House?

It depends. We do not feel that testing for mold is necessary when there are visible signs of mold.  It is universally agreed upon (in our industry) that if mold is visible it should be safely removed.  In other words, testing to see how poor the air quality is. What type of mold is growing is irrelevant.  

Certified instructors with 30+years experience working as an Environmental Air Quality Industrial Hygienist. They frequently proclaim to no longer even test for mold when the visible mold is present.  Why?  In their words “you should handle all visible mold assuming it is toxic. All types of mold become toxic in time. In other words, safely remove the mold according to EPA and industry standards. Then post-test to ensure the premise is free of contamination.  If mold is visible, spending money on a lab to confirm what you have already seen is an unnecessary expense.

On the other hand, if you know that your property has sustained either water damage or high humidity levels. But you do not have visible mold, then a mold inspection and testing should be performed.

Simply put, many home inspectors do not have the training or experience to properly identify mold. Nor the knowledge of all the places to look for damage.  We have seen home inspection reports indicate a mold problem. To only to discover that the “mold” they indicated was just dirt. And many times we have seen home inspectors overlook a mold and the buyer to find it themselves. We must always consider that buyers are becoming more and more educated about mold. As it becomes a more common topic in the news and internet-based media. 

A mold professional can provide you a detailed inspection report or invoice of services rendered. Showing that you proactively addressed any and all mold concerns. With the property by a certified and experienced mold professional. In addition, if you utilize Fresh Start’s mold services we provide a 10 year mold-free TRANSFERABLE warranty!

Let’s get started today and get rid of unwanted mold growth and seal a great deal for your home.

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Ben Fetzer Ben Fetzer, is the founder and owner of Fresh Start Restoration of Kansas City. He is passionate about informing and educating you the customer. By providing you with insider industry information, he empowers you with knowledge and tools to properly compare companies and spot unethical sales practices. Which unfortunately is far too common in the mold remediation industry. By sharing stories and providing professional tips he gives you the ability to make the right decision for your mold problem! Ben is an experienced mold expert with over 15 years in the cleaning & restoration industry! He has received official training and certifications from the IICRC, ICRA, and NORMI. His history of high integrity and superior quality has made him a leader in the remediation industry. Thereby giving customers outstanding customer experience! Which has resulted in a long history of consistent 5-Star customer ratings since the company began in 2008!