Monitoring Home Humidity

Why Monitoring Home Humidity is Vital to Preventing Mold Growth

An indoor environment that produces high humidity will grow mold. It’s that simple. Moisture + Materials + Time = Mold. Learning about how to monitor your home humidity levels should be a part of every property owner’s maintenance items. Learning what causes humidity to rise and how to prevent it is vital to a healthy indoor air environment. For a simple breakdown on how to address each area of your home, with an informational video, please visit our article “What is Today’s Forecast, Inside?“. Humidity levels need to be monitored year round for optimal health of your family.  We also recommend doing air duct cleaning every 3-5 years for optimal indoor air quality.


Things to Consider: Owning a Humidistat

At Fresh Start Restoration we highly recommend owning a home moisture meter. They allow you to more accurately monitor your indoor humidity level. The goal for every home is to reach the normal 30-50% range. You can also have a contractor, inspector or professional look at any areas that may concern you. It is better to make sure there is not a potential problem before dismissing it. Possibly making a bigger, more expensive problem for yourself! Any repairs that need to be done should be done by a professional to ensure that the entire problem has
been taken care of. Quality matters to us at Fresh Start
Restoration and our services include mold removal and inspections at a fair price and award winning customer service.
We consult directly with the homeowner about the presence of mold in the house and provide counsel on how to prevent mold and reduce humidity. If you have mold, Fresh Start Restoration provides mold removal services and mold prevention products that seal exposed building materials, cleans the air and also reduces humidity, all of which help put a stop to mold damage.


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