Adding Climate Control to Prevent Mold

Mold is a health hazard, and it destroys belongings. Mold remediation can be a big burden to families and businesses that have to wait for it to be eliminated by professionals. However, many mold infestations can be prevented by adding climate control to your structure.

Adding Climate Control to Older Properties

You think you cannot add climate control to your structure because it is old or in an uninhabited location? Every location is different when it comes to climate control, but climate control can mean anything from a new HVAC system to adding proper ventilation to the location.


If you Google HVAC and mold, you’ll see that mold can infest HVAC systems. However, temperature control is one of the ways that you can reduce a mold-friendly environment. If you do get it in your ductwork, call a professional. It can be removed, and biocides can be applied to make sure it doesn’t return.


One of the greatest ways that climate control can prevent mold is by eliminating moisture. A dehumidifier will reduce humidity levels: below 50 percent will stop mold growth, and a level of 35 percent is even better. Dehumidifiers can be set up in basements and crawlspaces or any other places where moisture is collecting.


Windows that have good climate control will not condense water around window sills, thus removing the potential for black mold growth. Once black mold gets into the sill, the wood, sheetrock, insulation, and carpet may need to be removed around the affected area.


Vents are a form of climate control because they prevent areas from becoming stagnant. Air flow helps to prevent mold growth by keeping areas from becoming moist, stagnant, mold producers.

There are so many types of climate control that it is impossible to think of an area in a home or business where climate control is not an option. In very simple cases, it may mean air circulation via the use of an electric fan.

Mold can have harmful effects on people, animals, and homes. Porous items that get infested by mold growth must be removed and disposed of, and infestations can result in great property losses.

Instead of waiting for mold to enter your home or organization and start to wreak havoc on health and property, prevent mold growth by controlling the climate on your property.

Even when mold is occurring under a house or in a shed, considering the climate is the first step in preventing it from happening again. Mold needs a certain environment to thrive, and you can make sure you don’t have that environment.