4 Mold-Resistant Materials that Prevent Mold

mold resistant materials

1. Drywall

You may have heard of green board, which is often used in basements or bathrooms where moisture can be present. It is cheaper than mold-resistant drywall and less effective. If you really want to inhibit mold growth, invest in mold-resistant materials like drywall. It is not a guarantee that it will be mold-free, but it does not have layers and is made of materials that naturally resist mold. We have experimented with mold-resistant drywall and we have seen a noticeable improvement!

2. Antimicrobial & Fungicide Sealer

Treat your new house framing with antimicrobial mold-resistant sealant. It may also resist bugs. It adds a very small percentage of the cost of lumber to frame your home. So if you can’t afford it, use it! We recommend sealing exposed wood framing during any type of reconstruction or remodeling of existing homes and buildings.

3. Insulation

Insulation is a huge key to preventing mold! If you do not have enough insulation, especially in areas like attics and crawl spaces. It can cause humidity and condensation that results in mold damage. Ice dams form because of a lack of insulation. Thoroughly insulating your home to Energy Star recommendations is key to mold prevention. Also, many of the new forms of insulation are now mold resistant.

4. Caulk

Silicone caulk is more resistant to mold than other types of caulk, but some caulk is treated with a biocide that makes it even more resistant to mold. With regular cleaning, the silicone caulk may remain mold-free for a decade without re-caulking. Imagine that!

If you know that you are sensitive to mold presence or have a history of mold in your house, it is wise to invest in some mold-resistant materials that will help prevent recurrences of mold infestation. It is also wise to consult with a mold remediation specialist to make sure your home is freed of any risky environmental factors that could cause mold spores to start spreading.

Especially in the case of black mold, mold infestations can be a serious health risk. Mold removal can be costly if left to grow, and a person can end up with sections of wall, insulation, and carpet removed and destroyed. Investing in a few mold-resistant items like those listed above could actually end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.