Crawl Space: A Host for Mold and Moisture

Isn’t it easy to neglect something that is not in front of you every day? Out of sight, out of mind is the primary reason homeowners ignore their crawl space. This can be problematic due to the vulnerability of the space where moisture is likely to settle; thereby making a favorable environment for mold. Even though you don’t spend time there, this area of your home requires serious attention. Ignore it once and you will start to notice nasty things in the places where you do spend most of your time.  Yes, the moisture that settles there attracts mold. The toxins from the mold and the mold growth itself can eventually reach the interior of your home causing greater mold problems. As a result, you can be exposed to some serious health issues. In this article, we are going to talk about some potential problems lurking and how to prevent them.

Why is Mold in the Crawl Space a Common Problem for the Midwest?

Faulty drainage is a common cause of moisture in a crawl space. When there is a drainage, the water gets collected and may become stagnant thereby hosting a lot of issues. The stagnant water creates humidity and makes the most favorable environment for mold. The moisture that evaporates from the ground is also the reason of excess moisture. Furthermore, the home’s air ducts also pass through the crawl space; therefore, mold present there are equally perilous to mold problems inside your home.


While making or renovating your home, it is fine not to invest a huge amount into the crawl space, but completely ignoring the region isn’t a wise decision either because it can later bring a lot of unwanted expenses for you. If you want to desire cleanliness and safety in your home, you have to keep your crawl space maintained. You may also prevent humidity in the crawl space by installing a dehumidifier that eliminates humidity caused from stagnant water, moisture from the earth, or outdoor air environment. Most often in the Midwest, we see that the majority of humidity problems in crawl spaces can be adequately addressed by adding a sufficient number of air vents and repairing any source of moisture.

REMOVING Crawl Space Mold

Always seek help from experts when removing or controlling mold and moisture in your crawl space. The professionals are educated and trained in detecting the causes and giving a long-term solution of the problem. DIY methods are not recommended due to the complexities of the environment and the vulnerability of cross-contamination into air ducts and through the subfloor into the interior of the home. Please call and speak with one of our mold professionals to discuss your mold problem and to schedule a free on-site estimate.