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Missing Mold in Medical Diagnoses
January 11, 2020 Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

When you enter your doctor’s office with complaints of respiratory ailments, your physician is presented with symptoms and not your environment. Mold medical diagnoses are ambiguous at times due to a lack of direct correlation between actual mold and the illnesses that occur beside mold growth. This often makes the medical community overlook the true

Can You Get Sick from Mold?
March 1, 2019 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

It is pretty common knowledge that mold is bad for you, but much of the evidence for this is not conclusive because it is difficult to isolate mold as a sole reason for an illness to exist. When people are sick and mold is suspected, there are almost always other variables present that could be

Cinnamon Oil Strengthens Your Immune System
November 15, 2017 Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

Who doesn’t love the smell of warm cinnamon? Nothing makes a house feel like home, especially during the holidays, like the smell of cinnamon! Before we dive into all of the wonderful benefits of cinnamon; first let’s take a look at a common cause for a weakened immune system.  How Cinnamon Strengthens the Immune System

When Indoor Air Causes Allergies & Symptoms
September 20, 2017 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

Do you encounter allergies every now and then, irrespective of season and time? Before jumping into a house mold removal project there are a few things we would like to point out. It is very likely you are allergic to molds or other fungi. Molds are almost everywhere in your house and it is one