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Mold Doesn’t Grow on Bricks? Not True.
August 24, 2020 About Mold,Mold,Property Maintenance,Residential Ben Fetzer

Some people believe that bricks are a mold-proof building item, but this is not the case. Although bricks are not that porous and don’t have the organic matter necessary for mold to feed, they can develop mold issues. This is because of other materials that can build up on the brick surfaces. Technically, mold doesn’t

Attic Insulation and Mold Risk
August 14, 2020 Attic,Cause Mold,House Mold,Insulation,Mold,Mold Removal,Property Maintenance,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

If you’ve looked at places where mold is likely to occur in your home or commercial building, you’ve probably seen some information about moldy attics. Attics require proper ventilation and moisture control in order to prevent mold. Attic insulation and mold risk is another consideration.  Attic Insulation and Mold Risk from Installation One common reason

Working on Mold Removal in a Rental
July 13, 2020 Foundation,House Mold,HVAC,Mold,Property Maintenance,Rental Properties,Residential,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

There are two sides to mold remediation in a rental, and they are the tenant and the property owner/landlord. Both parties can be responsible for a mold outbreak, so it is very important to work together on the mold removal process.  Communication is Key When you notice mold is a problem in your rental, whether

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold?
June 12, 2020 About Mold,Cause Mold,House Mold,Mold,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance,Residential Ben Fetzer

Insurance is meant to protect you from losses that are outside of your control, which is why it does not always cover mold damage in your home. Here’s what you need to know about your homeowners insurance and whether or not it covers mold. Keep in mind, individual policies vary, so you should refer to

How to Choose a Dehumidifier
May 31, 2020 Basement,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

If you are trying to prevent mold in your residential or commercial building, it is wise to invest in a good dehumidifier. If you’ve never looked at dehumidifiers, you may not know what you need. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of dehumidifier options to help you choose the one that is best for your

Fresh Air or Mold Risk with Windows Open?
May 22, 2020 About Mold,House Mold,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance,Residential,Siding and Windows,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

It doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S., there are going to be some days when you wish you could open the windows. That’s because there’s nothing like fresh air, but when you open the windows, you let in everything that comes with it. That’s why you may have a mold risk with your

Mold Lawsuits
May 3, 2020 About Mold,Commercial,House Mold,Mold Removal,Mold Symptoms,Property Maintenance,Real Estate,Rental Properties,Residential Ben Fetzer

Mold is definitely a problem in some structures, but who to blame for that problem is a touchy subject. Do you blame the owner of the building? The contractors? The real estate developer? That answer is, it depends on who was responsible for taking care of the problem. There are many mold lawsuits, but there

Mini-split Ductless Air Systems and Mold
April 25, 2020 House Mold,HVAC,Indoor Air Quality,Mold,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance,Residential,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

Mini-splits are ductless units that are a great option for installation post-construction in homes where there is no room for traditional ductwork and central air. Instead, there is a compressor outside and an air handler inside. The air handler is typically visible and hung near the top of the wall, and it pretty much blends

Get Off the Couch, and Check for Mold!
April 20, 2020 About Mold,Attic,Basement,Cause Mold,House Mold,Property Maintenance,Residential,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

Life has been a bit different for everyone lately. If you’re deemed “non-essential,” you probably have a lot of time on your hands. This has allowed some people to catch up on their favorite television series, and it has given others the opportunity to pursue hobbies. Home improvement stores have been flooded with people despite

Climate Change Increases Mold Risk in Deteriorated Public Housing
April 13, 2020 About Mold,Cause Mold,Commercial,Mold,Property Maintenance,Real Estate Ben Fetzer

Climate change has many unexpected consequences, and one of those consequences is the risk of mold infiltration in old, deteriorated structures. Why is climate change to blame for this? Many reasons, some of which are rising sea levels and increasing volatile storm patterns. This elevates the chances of water damage, which can lead to mold

Waterproofing for Mold Prevention
April 4, 2020 About Mold,Cause Mold,Mold,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

When you are looking to prevent or resolve a mold problem, you must reduce moisture. This can be difficult if your building has not been waterproofed. Waterproofing is commonly performed on roofs, walls, and ceilings where there is the potential for water to enter. Once you have waterproofed an area, moisture will not be able

Always Choose Your Restoration Service
January 2, 2020 Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

When people suffer a loss in the home caused by an accident or natural disaster, they rely on their insurance company and restoration services to get their lives back to normal. They often make decisions based upon the direction of their insurance carrier, and they trust that their best interests are being served. This is

Replace Windows to Prevent Mold
December 8, 2019 Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance,Siding and Windows Ben Fetzer

A common place for mold to grow in a home or business is along the windows. This is because there is often moisture and lack of circulation around these areas. Moisture occurs because of condensation and leaky windows. If left undisturbed and at comfortable room temperatures, it makes the perfect environment for mold growth. Visible

Inactive Mold: A Hidden Danger
November 2, 2019 About Mold,House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Removal,Mold Symptoms,Mold Testing,Property Maintenance,Rental Properties,Where Mold Grows Ben Fetzer

Mold spores are everywhere, and they are brought into the home by clothing, shoes, and gusts of air that carry them inside. There are always some mold spores in any home. The problem arises when that mold is allowed to make a home and procreate. Inactive mold can be spread suddenly due to disturbance during

How to Care for Crawl Spaces in the Winter
September 15, 2019 Foundation,Property Maintenance,Winter Ben Fetzer

What is a Crawl Space? If your home doesn’t have a basement and isn’t atop a slab, it most likely has a crawl space. This area is typically over a foot tall and extends to the foundation. Like the name suggests, it is made that high in order for people to be able to crawl

Is a Moldy Compost Pile Hazardous?
July 28, 2019 DIY Tips,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

Composted soil is wonderful soil for potted plants and gardens, and it benefits the planet by reducing the amount of trash we put in the garbage can. We are able to reuse unwanted or spoiled food by putting it in a compost bin or pile, and in a small amount of time (varies depending on

How French Drains Prevent Water Damage
July 15, 2019 Foundation,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

French drains are underground water drainage and management systems developed by Henry French. Though these drains have undergone significant improvements over time, they are still considered the most efficient method of directing water around your foundation. French Drains: Great Method to Keep Basements Dry Generally, every civil engineer knows that good drainage is critical in

Prevent Water Damage in Commercial Buildings
July 12, 2019 Commercial,Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

Leaks and flooding can cause water damage in commercial buildings throughout the Kansas City metro area. Resulting in safety issues and a very large bill in order to repair it. Not only can water damage walls and flooring, but it can also cause mold and mildew. This can affect the integrity of the structure, but

Benefits of Doing Renovation Projects in Winter
March 28, 2019 Construction,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

The peak home renovation seasons traditionally begin in the late spring thru summer. Then again in the fall as homeowners clamor to have their renovation projects completed in time for Christmas.  However, depending on the nature of the project you plan, there are some very compelling reasons why renovating in the winter can be the

Foundation Concrete Repair Live Video
video January 29, 2019 Foundation,Property Maintenance,Videos Ben Fetzer

Foundation Concrete Repair Video Transcription of Foundation Concrete Repair Hi everybody! Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration. Sorry, the lighting is so bad and there’s a little bit of noise. I wanted to do a quick plug for a company I’m working with here. This is a Walker or Darryl, Darryl Walker Concrete, a concrete