Always Choose Your Restoration Service

restoration service

When people suffer a loss in the home caused by an accident or natural disaster, they rely on their insurance company and restoration services to get their lives back to normal. They often make decisions based upon the direction of their insurance carrier, and they trust that their best interests are being served. This is not always the case, and unfortunately, that trust can be misplaced. That is why it is important to know that you have the right to choose your restoration service. 

Problems with Referrals from Insurance Agents

A California couple found out the hard way that neither your insurance company nor your restoration service may have your best interests prioritized. They experienced flooding in their home from an upstairs bathroom, and they tried to resolve it by using their State Farm insurance policy. State Farm recommended the services of “independent” restoration services from Servpro or ServiceMaster. 

The clean up project seemed to go well, but two weeks later, the couple started to smell mold. It appeared that the restoration company had hidden water damage under the bathtub in order to save State Farm money. The couple is suing, and the evidence makes it look like Servpro is not independent at all. 

Why You Should Stay Away from Franchises

Unfortunately, it is possible that these large restoration companies have joined forces with large insurance companies in an elaborate money-making scheme that puts paying customers at risk of harm. Mold can have serious health consequences, but that doesn’t seem to matter to either Servpro or State Farm in this case. 

The take-home message here is to beware of recommendations from large corporations that could be recommending services in order to save money rather than serve you. Instead of hoping you’ll get results from large companies, trust smaller, local restoration services that rely on reputation in order to achieve success. 

Additionally, it is important to recognize the serious consequences of this particular mold issue. Not only does the couple now have a large mold problem, but removal of that mold will require professionals to remove walls and wooden structures that have been infiltrated by mold growth.

In the meantime, the couple will not be able to remain in the home, and they will be staying in a hotel until the mold is properly removed. Mold contains toxins that can cause serious respiratory issues in people who are sensitive to it, and mold has been deadly in severe circumstances. Unfortunately, money mattered much more to these corporations, and the couple continues to suffer as a result. Their lawsuit is ongoing.