Found Mold in Retail Store of KC Metro Mall

mold in retail stores at local kc metro mall

Mold in Retail Store Resolved After National Chain Contracted Fresh Start’s Professional Mold Remediation Services

Not long ago we were contracted to perform a mold remediation project. Because they had found mold in a retail store at a local metro mall. Resulting from substantial water damage in the back storage room. There was quite a bit of visible mold on the drywall.

Inferior Water Damage Cleanup Resulted in Mold Problem

We discovered that one of the local franchise restoration companies had extracted water after a leak. During their project, they had set up fans and dehumidifiers for drying. In most cases, this would have been a good idea. However, with the exposed visible mold and dozens of racks filled with new inventory, this was the wrong thing to do. By using forced air, they disturbed the mold spores and caused the mold contamination to spread. To their entire retail space and all of their clothing inventory. Containing off mold in retail space that is tens of thousands of square feet of inventory is a tall order. This KC metro mall has had and will continue to have mold problems as long a neglected roof repair is not completed. Not to mention the strain on the retail stores themselves.

At FreshStart we understand the difficulties and complexities of commercial mold removal and remediation projects. We are ready and able to help get your business back on track with award-winning customer service! In addition, protect your business interest with our exclusive 10-year mold-free warranty.