7 Reasons to Purchase an Air Purifier

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Top Reasons to Use an Air Purifier

Do you want to clear the air in your home, but you are perplexed whether it is needed or not? Are you confused about what air purifier to choose? When is an air purifier a priority for my health?  It is very much likely that there are subtle health alerts in the air and you would be ignoring them. So, how can you be sure that it’s high time that you need an air purifier? Following are the seven more obvious indications that will help you decide. Let’s have a look!

1. The Smell of Disinfectants

The lethal contents from carpets, disinfectants, adhesives, and varnishes create a smell. Whenever you witness benzene or formaldehyde on the household items, it means you need to adjust VOC. It means you need an air purifier that is capable of dealing with VOC and could remove those volatile organic compounds. Remember, there are only a few purifiers who can remove them, so be careful in your choice!

2. Dust Mites are Common

When you start observing bulk of dust under your bed, or on furniture and windows, you need to buy an air purifier ASAP. However, keep in mind there is no alternative to cleaning, so make sure you clean first and then apply the purifier. Well, the good thing is your cleaning effort will be reduced a lot for the next time, as the purifier will be doing the job on your behalf. Always search for a purifier that is speedy in terms of its performance.

3. You Sneeze all the Time

The allergens floating in the air make you sneeze severely. These allergens include pollens, mold, pet danders, and dust. The high-quality purifiers have HEPA filters along with the good CADR rating that filters most of the allergens wandering around in the air and making your life miserable.

4. You Suffer from Respiratory Problems or Allergies

The pollutants in the air are a great threat to your health. The dust, mold, and pollen make you vulnerable to emphysema and allergies that affect the functionality of lung, thereby causing breathing problems. Your lungs become more and more sensitive and you may also become allergic. Reducing household pollution is difficult, especially when you are open for second-hand smoke. People with respiratory problems and allergies need to buy a purifier high in AHAM seal.

5. There is a Bad Smell

When you inhale air with a bad smell, it indicates the air is of poor quality. There are two options for you: an energy ventilator and an air purifier. It is advisable to go for a purifier because it will enhance the quality of the air you inhale. If you have an odor that us musty and is accompanied by a burning nose or throat, you need to contact a mold professional immediately. Stachybotrys, commonly known as “Black Mold”, is a harmful mold that is normally identified with a strong musty odor. It causes burning and soreness in the respiratory system and can lead to severe illness if not remedied by a profession.

6. Others Hear You Snoring Loudly

Has anyone ever complained you snore loudly while sleeping? Well, in that case, you might either want to research on a few sites like https://serp.co/archive/snore-reducing-aids/ or get a purifier quickly because the allergens in the air might have obstructed your airways which would have led to loud snoring. Go get an air purifier and change an air filter, too.

7. One of Your Family Members is Sick

Having a disease can also increase the number of allergens in the air. For the sake of the patient in your home and your own health, apply an air purifier before the allergens spread and get out of your control. If someone in your home is continuously sick, you may need to consider the possibility of mold being the cause. Mold many times grows in unseen areas and is not always visible. If you have concerns about a mold problem, just give us a call for a free estimate, no-hassle consultation to discuss your concerns with a certified mold professional. We recommend that you read the article link on the image below about “How to Tell is Hidden Mold is Making You Sick“.