The #1 Tip to Prevent Basement Mold

prevent basement mold

Prevent Basement Mold with 1 Simple Step

Mold prevention is a priority for every homeowner, especially for our customers in the Kansas City metro area. We could get into all types of technicality and maintenance tips, on how to prevent basement mold. However, we know that you are busy and you need simplicity. Out of all of the advice on how to prevent basement mold, there is only one tip that stands above the rest! “Check for moisture and check it often”! It is that simple. Go down to your basement once per week and look for moisture, especially after hard rainfalls. Invest in an inexpensive humidistat with an alarm to alert you to elevated humidity levels. So for those of you that desire to hear more from the “Mold Master”, we invite you to listen to the below video for stories and tips.

Video Transcript:

This is Ben Fetzer with FreshStart Restoration in Kansas City. It is a beautiful day here in Kansas City! Have you ever walked into a room and you just said to yourself, “wow this is gross!!!” That happened to me yesterday. I was walking through a property that I was providing an estimate and mold assessment for. We went into the basement and it took your breath away. The smell and the site of jet black nasty mold on all of the surfaces. It was a very bad situation. I started asking questions about the property owner.

There was a family that was living there and actually had 3 kids living in that environment, which is shocking and disturbing in and of itself. But my point is, not to dwell on the negative, but maybe to remind anyone that might have a house. Whether you own it or you’re renting it, go down to the basement once in a while, maybe once a week, if you don’t use it very often. At the very least, once a month and look around and make sure you don’t have any leaks. Water or plumbing leaks or foundation leaks. Call the Landlord if you are renting. Or if you own the property, please call a plumber and get the water stopped! Assess how much water damage has happened as a result of the water leak.

Don’t Ignore It!

But do not do what these folks did, because the results were really, really nasty! I don’t know if there were any health effects to the family that lived in the home. I can’t imagine them not being affected by it in some way because it was very, very bad. The mold was intense! And if that’s you, you’ve got mold or you’ve got a water leak, deal with the water leak right away.  And get a professional out there to assess the mold in your structure. You can use anybody, but I love my company, FreshStart Restoration. We offer free estimates. We can help you sort through this not so pleasant situation. Visit us at, that’s We would be glad to talk to you and help you out! Have a great day, thanks!