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Are Mold Tests Scams? Not if you need one…
March 29, 2019 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Testing Ben Fetzer

Every property owner and resident fears mold in their residence or building. It can cause property and health damage. Yet, mold tests have been given a bad rap because of scammers. You don’t need a mold test, for example, if you can visibly see mold growing. There is no question that there is a mold

How to Know When it is a Mold Scam?
July 23, 2014 About Mold Ben Fetzer

Mold Scam? What to Believe? Producing fear to motivate people is everywhere in our modern society, especially during a mold scam.  Unfortunately, it has been determined that people respond to fear. The unethical practice of using fear to motivate people’s decision is an ever-increasing sign of the times we live in. Because fear-driven sales motivate