Mold Cost and Comparison

mold cost and comparison

Mold Cost: What Customers Need to Know!

Mold cost is always a top question by customer’s dealing with a mold problem. In this video, Ben will explain how to choose a mold remediation company and the unknown industry tactics to fool you into paying more. Protect your family’s resources and health by educating yourself about the tactics of the mold industry. Learn about the importance of a mold professional and following EPA guidelines.

It is important when comparing estimates, that all mold removal is not the same and mold cost is only a small factor to consider. It is common for mold cost to not be the determining factor if a mold professional is following protocol. Far too often, we see estimates and remediation plans by our competitors where the mold cost is some of the highest estimates provided, but yet the company has no intention of following EPA and IICRC mold removal protocols.

Video Transcript for Differences in Mold Remediation Companies:

The second person then I want to talk to you today which is a consumer. In my case the person hiring a mold remediation professional when you’re bringing them into your house. Again if you’re doing mold remediation you need that done in your house because you’ve had a leak or something. Safety is the reason you hire a mold pro in the first place. Because if you want to just tear out some mold in an unsafe way do it yourself or hire a handyman or just a demo crew and come in and do it the unsafe way. That’s the way you do it if you’re going to do it cheaply.

Hiring a Mold Pro

When you hire a mold pro. It’s going to charge you more than the average handyman would. You may as well get it done safely. That’s the whole point. The whole idea about having a mold professional in this world is for the safe removal of a contaminated substance. So if you’re having remediation done. Make sure that it’s being done safely. That’s the whole point. Make sure the company you’re using is going to do all the precautions that could be done in order for the safe removal of that contaminated substance to actually be achieved.

So. The question I would ask you is when you hire a professional when you’re contemplating using the cheapest provider. Consider what you’re actually going to get by using them. Consider the outcome of using them. Are they going to cut corners or are they going to get all the mold? Did they miss something being in such a hurry? Are they going to make a mistake? Even if they are using containment they might knock it down because they’re running around so fast just to try and get this done quickly enough that they’re not actually losing money.

You Get What You Pay For

While they provide the service for you. A whole bunch of things that go wrong when somebody is in a hurry and they’re just trying to do this quick. Because they haven’t changed very much for the service and stuff happens. It’s not positive for the homeowner or for the consumer in any industry. If you’re getting the painting done or you’re getting a concrete repair done or whatever it is you choose this guy that’s like half the price of the rest of the contractors. They’re going to cut corners at some point or at some point because they have to. And. You’re the one that’s going to suffer as a result because it’s going to be your concrete cracks. Just a few months after it was installed or your house starts to leak after the exterior was painted or whatever the situation is.

My point is to the consumer. Make sure you think about. What you’re getting when you actually use the lower price service providers is key. It’s just one simple thing to think about. What am I going to get if I use the most expensive company or the cheapest or the one in the middle? My company tends to be kind of in the middle. I’m definitely not the cheapest. I have come in on the lower side of some of the estimates compared to my competitors. And then at other times, I was the most expensive in other cases so I mean it varies but. Across the board consistently I’m in the middle. But I provide a lot of precautions and high-quality remediation. And everything that we do quality is essential to us. That’s the thing we really focus on the most.

Industry Rant

So. Anyway, this is just a rant, a small business rant, that appeal to all small businesses and to people that use these small businesses. Consider what you’re going to get if you use the least expensive professional. Have a great day. Hopefully, this video helps. Do you have any questions about mold cost? or Fresh Start Restoration. We will be glad to help you. I really want to just be a resource to anybody who’s got a problem with mold and trying to help you out getting your fresh start. So have a great day. Thanks.