Indoor Air Quality Products We Recommend

indoor air quality products

Indoor Air Quality Products We Recommend to Our Customers:

Indoor air quality products are important for every building. Also, as we spend more and more time indoors the quality of our air has become an area of greater focus. With the rise of allergens and asthma, providing a clean air quality in our homes is vitally important to the health of those we love most!

Humidistat /Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor)

We recommend every home have a humidistat! Because monitoring your home’s humidity is vitally important to preventing mold and one of the most recommended items of indoor air quality products. Please note that many humidistats do not have alarms to notify you when your humidity is out of range. These recommended humidistats include visual and audible alarms to notify you. We recommend placing a humidistat on every level of your home.

Dehumidifier with Drain Hose

We recommend the use of dehumidifiers in areas of your home subject to elevated humidity, such as the basement. We recommend only dehumidifiers with a drain hose, as this is vitally important for maintaining consistent humidity reduction. However, home humidifiers are for everyday humidity regulation. Making it a vital selection of your indoor air quality products. They do not have the capacity to remove moisture quickly enough in the event of water damage that is greater than 10 square feet. Also, professional-grade dehumidifiers and monitoring are necessary. Thereby, ensuring that contents are dry.

Humidity Controller

Humidity controllers are for areas that change humidity levels intermittently. Also, they are used in conjunction with humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Thereby, maintaining optimal humidity levels.

HEPA Air Purifier

There are many air purifiers on the market to choose from. HEPA air purifiers are a necessity due to their high capacity to filter out allergens. We recommend HEPA air purifiers that filter up to 0.3 Microns for optimal air quality. Because air purifiers are based on the square feet of the area needing purification, we recommend air purifiers on each level of your home or a whole-house air purifier installed with your HVAC system. Wondering where to find HEPA air purifiers? Well, no worries! We seem to have the answer. Firms like Air Care Solutions are known to sell medical-grade CADR-certified HEPA air purifiers that can clean the air of 1000 square feet in the blink of an eye. So, those who are interested can check out their web page.

Whole House Humidifier

We recommend the installation of a whole-house humidifier for residents of the Kansas City metro area. Due to our winters being very dry, many nasal and respiratory problems occur when the air is too dry in our homes. You need to ensure that distilled water should be used instead of tap water in the humidifier. Since tap water often contains harmful microorganisms, therefore it is advised to avoid its usage. If you are wondering ‘can i buy distilled water directly from the market’, you can look for companies like Golyath that can provide the required assistance in this situation.

Maintaining the proper humidity level in your home is vital to the health of your family. During the spring and summer months, we recommend that you monitor your home’s humidity level closely when using a whole-house humidifier.