Ignored $100 Repair Cost $30,000 in Mold Damage

Top Maintenance Items to Prevent Mold Damage

When you think of your to-do list, do you usually look at the big things and groan? And what about the small projects? The little, seemingly unimportant fixes can be just as annoying! They add up quickly and can create projects that never seem to end! It may look easier to just ignore the leaking faucet, the drain that doesn’t work properly, and the other things that are easy to ignore, but ignoring it may lead to mold damage

The truth is many of the small home improvement projects that are neglected or put-off may create a chain effect that leads to mold damage in your home. At the time they don’t seem as important as other projects, but if there is anything that causes moisture or elevated humidity, you may find yourself fighting mold and calling us at FreshStart! Things such as cracks and leaks in your foundation, sump pump issues, a floor drain that has become clogged, improper dryer ventilation, improper insulation and venting, and restricted airflow are issues to look out for. Slow plumbing leaks may be hard to find, but should not be ignored. Poor caulking on windows and doors is another thing that produces problems if left alone. There are three leading causes of mold problems due to exterior maintenance issues. First, grading around your foundation is vitally important. Making sure that the earth is sloped AWAY from your foundation with a minimum of a two-percent grade. Slope, cracks and settled concrete of driveways, porches or walkways should also be looked at closely. Settlement of concrete is common here in the Midwest. The settlement allows for water to collect, causing a deterioration of the concrete and the erosion of the soil under the concrete. Don’t let this problem overwhelm you. It can be easily solved through a simple procedure called mud-jacking. Gutters are another very important maintenance item on the exterior of your home. We see multiple water damage issues stem from gutters being clogged, improperly sloped, leaking, not properly extended or an inadequate size. Gutters are an inexpensive item to repair and are vital to the overall function of moving water from the foundation of a property.

A FreshStart Story: Customer Ignores $100 Repair…Costs $30,000 in Mold Damage

A homeowner in Overland Park contracted our services after discovering mold in their basement. They had a persistent problem with a floor drain over the last year. Due to a busy life, they didn’t get around to calling a plumber to get it fixed. They also didn’t give it much thought as it was not causing any major damage. After months of water sitting in the floor drain, it caused moisture levels to gradually rise. In addition, the air conditioning unit was not removing humidity as it should. Because of that, the humidity level in the basement was much higher than the recommended 30-50% and reached over 70%. The problem seemed small and insignificant so the homeowner left the drain un-repaired for over ten months. This allowed the situation to continue and ultimately, the ignored problem caused over $30,000 in damages to the property and to their possessions. When the drain and the air-conditioning were repaired, the total of the cost was only $175 a very small price to pay to avoid expensive repercussions! The mold damage that was done to the home not only cost them a large amount of money, but it was also a health risk for their entire family.

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