Downtown KC High-Rise Basement Flooded

basement flooded in downtown kansas city high-rise condominium

Middle of the Night Call for a Downtown Kansas City High Rise Building’s Basement Flooded. Due to a City Construction Project on the Street in Front of the Luxury Condominium

When a large commercial building’s basement flooded in a matter of minutes, it was all hands on deck. The basement flood occurred due to a city construction project on their street, this high-rise commercial building’s basement flooded with about 2” of water throughout an area over 10,000 square feet!  Late one evening a customer called the Fresh Start office and spoke with one of our 24/7 on-call technicians.  We immediately dispatched crews with water extraction trucks & loads of commercial structural drying equipment.  Upon arrival, our crews immediately began moving furniture and salvage furnishings.  You could see our crews swarming around that basement well into the early hours of the following morning.  

The working conditions of water-damaged commercial buildings is always unpleasant. Due to the humidity and temperatures that rise rapidly during a water damage event. Making it feel like you are working in a sauna.  Our crews are all hard workers. With great attitudes. As each of them rose to the occasion and serviced our customer with excellence throughout the entire night.  With water extraction trucks going at each end of the building, we extracted nearly 150,000 gallons of water that night!

In addition to extracting water, we removed damaged sheet-rock and contents.  We followed this by strategically placing specialized drying equipment throughout the building. To properly dry all remaining wet materials & contents to prevent the development of mold.  If the Fresh Start crews had not followed these important steps. Than this 10,000 square foot water-damaged basement would have turned into a much larger mold remediation project. As a result, costing high double digits within a matter of a few short months. 

Commercial Water Damage Requires Thorough Restoration to Prevent Costly Mold Repairs

In our experience, we have seen individuals and businesses try to cut expenses by only extracting visible water.  By not completing proper drying procedures these customers ended up with mold problems. That cost 3-4 times what the proper commercial water damaged job would have cost in the beginning.  This is why at Fresh Start we take a strong stance on proper drying methods. By not skimping on this vitally important process. Not only save our customers time and money but also ensure the safety of people within the properties we service.  In this particular situation, we were able to file a claim for this water damage with the city’s contractor’s insurance. So, the customer didn’t pay any amount out of pocket.