A Landlord’s Flat Roof Leak Nightmare

flat roof leak

A Roof Leak from the Pit of Hell

One spring evening a customer called the Fresh Start office and spoke with a 24/7 on-call technician. About investigating a roof leak at one of her rental properties in Kansas City. She had already had several occurrences of the roof leaking. However, she never worried about it. Because the leaks were minimal. Also, she only had a 3’x3’ area on her ceiling that was stained.  She said, “it is probably not a big deal. But I want to check it out by a professional so I can tell my tenants that everything is safe.”

Upon arrival, our certified flood water technician performed an extensive analysis, starting with metering the moisture levels of the ceiling.  The moisture readings were off the charts, showing extreme saturation of the entire ceiling. Upon further investigation, we discovered a complete saturation of sheetrock & insulation throughout the entire ceiling. Removing the ceiling was no easy task. Due to high vaulted ceilings. Requiring extensive scaffolding for the purpose of mold removal of the ceiling. The entire ceiling was required to be removed. Due to the number of days that the ceiling was wet. Causing the drywall & insulation to be unsalvageable even with professional drying methods.

Upon removing the ceiling, the roof truces & deck required antimicrobial treatments. Also, thorough drying with professional equipment prior to any rebuilding process. Upon completion of the roof’s structure. After being thoroughly dried then the process of rebuilding can begin. We brought in our crews to re-install the ceiling, paint & put the house back into like-new condition.  At FreshStart we believe in providing our customers an A-Z solution to all of their disaster needs.

Choosing the Right Mold Contractor

Contracting services with a mold company is an important decision. When it comes to the health and safety of your family and home. Choosing a company that is certified is one of the most important steps in contracting mold removal services. We see many times general contractors taking out mold create a bigger problem than they fixed. By not knowing how to properly handle the mold removal process; they created a bigger problem. By releasing mold spores into the air. Thereby causing the mold toxins to circulate throughout the rest of the house.