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Venting Mistakes in Your Kitchen and Bathroom
January 27, 2020 Bathroom,Construction,Kitchen Ben Fetzer

The way your kitchen and bathroom(s) are venting can contribute to your mold risk, and there are common mistakes people make when installing or altering venting that can be problematic. Venting is important in mold prevention because it prevents moisture and stagnancy, but improper venting allows for both environments to occur. The end result is

Kitchen Range Hoods Prevent and Cause Mold
October 5, 2019 Kitchen Ben Fetzer

            The rooms in a home or business that have plumbing fixtures (sinks and showers) are often susceptible to mold growth. In the bathroom, this is easy to understand. The steam from baths and showers creates a moisture-rich environment that mold loves. However, the kitchen is a less-thought-of mold risk because it doesn’t generally get

Kitchen Mold: Contaminating Your Clean Space
December 13, 2017 About Mold,House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Kitchen Ben Fetzer

Are you concerned that you may have a kitchen mold? For most people, the kitchen is the top priority for cleanliness! Having a sanitary space to prepare food for your family is a must for a healthy home environment. However, a kitchen is also one of the most vulnerable to humidity. Due to the abundant