Kitchen Mold: Contaminating Your Clean Space

Kitchen Mold

Are you concerned that you may have a kitchen mold? For most people, the kitchen is the top priority for cleanliness! Having a sanitary space to prepare food for your family is a must for a healthy home environment. However, a kitchen is also one of the most vulnerable to humidity. Due to the abundant plumbing, water and many times being located under bathrooms of upper levels. Kitchens create the right conditions for mold to grow and multiply quickly. However, the mold may be out of your sight. Because it is common for kitchen mold to be inside or behind cabinets, under countertops and in wall cavities.

The 5 Major Causes of Kitchen Mold

Below are some of the reasons which are found to be responsible for causing a mold problem in a kitchen.

  1. Moisture: The most suitable place for mold in kitchens is behind the cabinets. Were overflowing sinks and broken water lines can cause moisture to be trapped and create a mold problem. Moreover, in the two-story homes, the kitchens are usually located under upstairs bathrooms. So, the seepage problems in those bathrooms seep down the walls and ceilings. Also, can cause moisture, which, in turn, leads to significant mold problems.
  2. Humidity: A kitchen is a place that is usually hot and humid. Any place that remains hot for too long is a perfect place for mold. That is why they love kitchens and hide behind cabinetry that usually remains hidden during a standard cleaning.
  3. Nutrient Supply and Moisture: Kitchens do not only provide the conditions for mold. Also, with humidity and a hot environment. They also provide an abundance of building materials or food source that mold loves. It’s pretty surprising to know that mold takes less than a day to grow in a moist area. On top of that, mold thrives in darkness.
  4. Waste Bins: Rotten foods inside garbage bins also lead to mold growth. Therefore, regular cleaning of kitchen dustbins is essential to prevent mold growth. As the decomposed foods inside the feed and nurture them.
  5. Water Leakage A leaky sink is a top reason for mold growth to start. Mold can secretly grow and multiply beneath and at the bottom of the sink. As it is exactly what they need to thrive. What is more, we have already specified the elements which ignite the problems of the kitchen mold.