Top 5 Toxic Household Items We Use Every Day

toxic household items

Using everyday toxic household items. However, we never consider that they could produce toxins for our indoor air environment. We are learning more about the negative effects of these toxins every year. And the negative effects on our physical bodies. Because with crafty branding and nice product packaging many times it can be deceiving what products are actually toxic to us. Here is a quick overview of some of the most common toxic household items:

5 of the Worst Toxic Household Items

1. Non- Stick Pans

Most of us like the fact that the non- stick cookware is easy to clean. However, the non-stick cookware comes at a price. Your health is at risk from the Polytetrafluoroethylene that is used to coat the cooking utensils. The costing releases some carcinogenic gases that put humans at risk and also has some other health effects. Stainless steel is a great alternative. Except for those of us who grew up with a cooking grandma. We know that cast iron is still the best!

2. Mothballs

Mothballs are made of naphthalene and products of the same compositions. These products are known to destroy the red blood cells and have been proven to cause cancer in animals, but it is yet to be proven if the product causes cancer in humans. But it is not worth the risk.

3. Air Fresheners

Over time the toxins in the air fresheners accumulate in the body. These household toxins affect the hormones as well as the reproductive health of children. Many households to have scented air fresheners, candles, cleaning products, trash bags, and too many other products to name. The accumulation of all of these in combination can create a toxic air quality. Instead, it is recommended to use non-scented candles and essential oils for the fragrance in the place of synthetic fragrances.

4. Cleaning solutions

This is the most used product on the list. Almost every household has a cleaning solution which has a lot of hazardous toxins. Also, the worst part about cleaner is that cleaning solutions are not required to have the ingredients in the packaging. This leaves the consumers in the dark in most cases and has no choice in the product that they buy. Some of the dirtiest cleaning tasks are solved with a spray bottle of warm water and dishwashing soap like Dawn. You can also add a drop or two of your favorite essential oils to boost cleaning or provide fragrance.

5. Personal Care Products

Because many of the leading personal care products contain excessive amounts of chemicals and fragrance to masks. Ongoing research shows the negative effects of these chemicals being applied to our skin. And used on such a routine basis. A great example of this is deodorant. Most deodorant contains aluminum which has been linked to causing cancer. Since deodorant is applied directly over the bodies major lymph nodes this makes the use of chemical-based deodorants incredibly dangerous. Diluted lemongrass essential oil makes a great natural deodorant that keeps you dry and stink-free all day!