Dealing with a Rodent Infestation in the Attic
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Rodent infestations have been on a recent incline as winter approaches rodents are beginning to look for a cozy, warm home to ride out the winter….many times in your attic. We have had a recent influx of calls from customers dealing with rodent infestation problems in their attic. At the moment, it seems that squirrels are the primary culprit but this will be true for many more types of rodents as we get closer to cooler temperatures. In the video below, Ben Fetzer will discuss the “cozy home” he recently found in a customers attic and the steps he took to decontaminate and clean.

A Cozy Home: Rodent Infestation in Attic

Posted by Ben Fetzer on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Video Transcription of Rodent Infestation in Attic

Hey everybody, Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration. I’m up in an attic and I don’t know how well you’re going to be able to see what I’m trying to show you today. But I wanted to show you something that is unique. We’re up in an attic. You can see some fireplace block here, cinderblock. That’s like the frame or the flue of the fireplace.

What we’ve had is an attic that had some rodents and some contamination. We’ve sucked out the insulation and we currently are sealing this concrete block with this specialized product that seals in odors. And I just sprayed the actual gray block right now. I want to show you some crazy. We’ve got a space here between….see the concrete block down there that’s actually brick. And then there is a gap between the bricks themselves in this concrete block and that cavern has been occupied by some animals.


So that was full of waste yesterday. It’s all been vacuumed out. Sanitize the best we can sanitize it. This is kind of step two for sanitizing a space like this is to try and seal it. In this case with an odor barrier kind of product. So this is definitely something I haven’t seen before. I see something new, every single job that we do and I wanted to just share this real quick. This is how you get rid of odors. Got to use the best sanitation methods that you can. They cleaned the surface, in this case, down in that cavern.

The best we can do is vacuum up droppings, things like that. Then we’re going to seal this block and seal all those areas down there by using this product here and a pump-up sprayer. So, just given you a little insight into what’s happening with us as far as this project and kinda share the whole process. It was interesting and complicated, but I’m pretty confident once we apply this product, we’re not going to have any more odors. And it’s gonna be a way more sanitary attic. So thanks for watching! Ben Fetzer, Fresh Start Restoration or

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