The Perfect Mold Storm: Heat and Humidity

heat and humidity

This summer’s excessive heat and humidity have created the perfect environment for mold growth, and all buildings are more susceptible to mold growth under these conditions. While you can’t do much about the weather, there are some things you can do to make sure your buildings don’t get a mold infestation.

5 Ways to Prevent Mold During the Summer’s Heat and Humidity

1. Check gutters

If the gutters on your building aren’t properly directing water away from the building, it may soak into the foundation during heavy rains. Hopefully, your basement has been waterproofed, but you don’t want to find out otherwise. Check to make sure gutters are securely attached and sealed, so the gutters can do their job properly.

2. Check crawlspaces

Make sure your crawlspace is not moist, or you will have mold problems. You should have proper ventilation, but if you don’t we recommend getting it installed. If water does get under there through the efforts of a formidable storm, make sure it gets completely dried and monitored for mold growth.

3. Attic ventilation

The heat and humidity can make condensation happen in your attic. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, this will be a mold haven. You may need to install a fan or a dehumidifier if you already have moisture up there.

4. Basement dehumidifier

Some basements are simply moist due to either low water tables or unsealed concrete. This is why a dehumidifier is essential to areas where the moisture may soar. Thirty to 50 percent humidity is recommended to make mold go dormant.

5. Use bathroom fans

Lastly, use your bathroom fan. There’s moisture in the bathroom almost every day, which is why fans exist. Maybe you like the moist, warm air when you step out of the shower. Believe us when we say, the mold loves it too. Use your fan and reduce the chances for mold spores to get too cozy.

When Heat and Humidity Cause Mold

If you visibly notice mold growth, you should call a specialist. It isn’t that you cannot clean up the mold yourself. It’s more that you don’t have the proper equipment to make sure the mold is no longer active in the home. You also put yourself at risk for mold exposure if you don’t use proper protective equipment. Leave it to the specialists, and you will rest easy knowing that your mold problems are over. Don’t let this summer’s extreme weather damage your personal property. Keep your place dry, and reduce your risk for mold growth.