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Mold Allergy or Seasonal Allergy?
May 10, 2020 About Mold,House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms,Seasons Ben Fetzer

With the current COVID-19 coronavirus attracting most of the public’s attention, there are many other respiratory ailments that are not being considered. One of those ailments is seasonal allergies, and they can be confused with mold allergies. Here is how to tell the difference.  Seasonal Allergies Seasonal allergies, as the name suggests, are typically associated

Air Duct Mold: 3 Steps to Improve HVAC Quality
October 4, 2017 About Mold,Commercial,House Mold,HVAC,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Removal,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

HVAC air ducts are a common breeding ground for dust, debris, and even rodents! Air duct mold is far more common that one might think. During a recent job, Ben Fetzer, and his crew discovered a major indoor air quality concern. With a newly renovated Mission Hills home. How HVAC & Air Duct Mold Form